Windows More Secure then Limux ...

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by bob-bobby, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. bob-bobby

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    Windows More Secure then Linux ...

    Study finds Windows more secure than Linus

    Believe it or not, a Windows Web server is more secure than a similarly set-up Linux server, according to a study presented yesterday by two Florida researchers.

    The researchers, appearing at the RSA Conference of computer-security professionals, discussed the findings in an event, "Security Showdown: Windows vs. Linux." One of them, a Linux fan, runs an open-source server at home; the other is a Microsoft enthusiast. They wanted to cut through the near-religious arguments about which system is better from a security standpoint.


    Is it true ??
  2. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    cant the thread title be changed to linux fom the exotic limux ... :D
  3. Sanjay Mazumder

    Sanjay Mazumder ~..::MASTERMIND::..~

    I never agree that Windows is more secure than Linux. :p:
    Linux is the Best and the most secure OS.

    :rockon: Linux.
  4. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    linux is the best , but still can be hacked ...
  5. aleric

    aleric New Member

    I think Windows is more vulnerable to attacks from hackers. But given the amount of support Microsoft provides to its customer, they have an edge over Linux.

    Overall, I feel Linux is much more secure and tough to hack.
  6. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    I depends on how one configures the server. It is possible to lockdown a Windows box and make it almost as secure as Linux. However it takes a lot more effort and planning to do so.
  7. Sanjay Mazumder

    Sanjay Mazumder ~..::MASTERMIND::..~

    @bob, linux........and hacked? hehehehe
    Linux is an OS which has been written by Linus Torvalds. He had written a new Kernel which was in MINIX. Actually, Linux is a modification of MINIX. And MINIX is a small UNIX. UNIX and Linux are known for their security. :)
  8. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

  9. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    Actually...Linux is fully there is less chance of using a generelized procedure to hack into..cause there r so many kernels...but nevertheless...hacking a kernel is pretty straightforward in Linux and Unix ...infact it encourages it!!'s just that same technique cannot be used on every system.

    Windows on the other hand has a general "way" of doing the procedures r more widspread to hack into windows...also the kernel is pretty much the same in most versions(tho it has been re-written in's very close to NT)...any kid with enough curiosity can hack windows!!:)...i have a few perl scripts myself to hack passwords ;)...but they're probably obsolete now...still new exploits come all the time for windows.

    Also the article mentions that they tested it on RH Linux server...which I think is the most popular Linux but less secure...debian and others r more secure but tougher to set up and operate.

    Infact there have been accusations that MS uses code developed by the open source community very often. :mad:

    ....but one things for sure...MS packages their product pretty well.

    that's my take on it..:)
  10. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    should i take you on windows side ....

    personally , i ve seen many people enjoy workin and programming on unix , i was very fond of unix and most worked on C under unix , and definately prefered unix to windows/...
  11. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    One thing that shud be noted is that there are many ppl who hate Microsoft and are actively trying to hack Windows...more attacks cud be a result of this..maybe ppl are hell-bent to screw windows and hence find all the loopholes possible....
    Linux...its not targetted for attack that much.....
    I cud be wrong but this seems probable.. of course the truth cud be that Linux is downright superior in terms of security
  12. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings

    the main point : more viruses exist for windows than for linux .
    the point if i am not workign on root then a virus cannot do anythign at all. .. it cannot create files , cannot go into system folders and all, it can simply do nothing. so it is advised not working on root. it is extremely difficult to develop viruses for linux.
    and the linux community is more hardworking on the security point of view and there is no doubt about the level of security linux provides . if it is windows then if i am desperate enough i can come and format the comp using a windows cd. .. but even that is avoidable . so it depends how you configure your computer
  13. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    no's easy to hack linux..just that no one wants to...if u r not running as root there r ways to decipher root password even if they r shadowed, masked, encrypted etc. then log on as su and make changes and log back off after deleting the log....

    In XP u can also set an administrator user (similar to root) and do the regular chores on other account..there r priorities here too... but again similar stuff is used to hack windows passwords and do the damage.

    In essence...both r equally vulnerable ....just that Linux is more "ethical" least it gives the source.. freakin' MS use open source all the time and market it as copyright.
  14. zoomingrocket

    zoomingrocket TeChNiCaL AdMiNiStRaToR

    I just know one thing...
    People who have used LINUX... knows wat it is!

    Windows is trying, but it has many loopholes left..which though it tries to cover up...but fails ultimately!

    Windows is simpler to use, cos, each and every small detail has been given the GUI look.. While LINUX needs to be used via Command-line for most main procedures!

    All in all... LINUX rocks!
  15. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings

    yeah linux does rock. .. it is just the GUI as zooom said that gives an edge to windows to the general masses .. . but the sheer customizability of linux is awesome and transparency. you would have any stupid errors like .. system error rebooting or . . a fatal error has occured and this program will shut down ..
    stupid shi* . . i hate those errors. .
  16. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    this here is my opinion also.

    you would be suprised at the number of system administrators in industry that actually know how to do their job properly
  17. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings

    it says clearly .. that the system was tested on a linux server the way an average system administartor will do and not how a linux wizard will . so if you do it well . . linux will be better . ..
  18. rockin'away

    rockin'away Banned

    very true sanjay... i must admit linux is much better....
  19. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    well how many of u ppl who swear by Linux actually use it. face it guys its kinda cool to trash windows and sing Linux wen not more than 2% ppl wud use it. true ??
  20. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings

    i swear by it and use linux .. . if only 2% use it it does'nt matter to me .. . it sure rocks for me .. they don't use because they don't know it... they'd rather pay for some other OS when something better is available free. .. only because they are afraid to try out something new

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