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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by aeg0, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    I got a few invites for the new MSN Messenger 8 aka Windows Live Messenger.

    i dont have a lot, so first come first serve.

    apparently microsoft is converting most of the msn stuff to its new "windows live" initiative. hotmail is now windows live mail, msn msngr is windows live msngr etc.
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  2. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    ^Request for one. Thank you.
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  3. Evo Guy 911

    Evo Guy 911 Banned

    I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeez???
  4. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    @disturbed - i sent it to ur hotmail id.

    reps welcome :)
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  5. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    one for me too, Thanks
  6. walk_alone

    walk_alone **~~| An Atheist |~~**

    me toooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. probuddha

    probuddha Aspiring Guitarist

    One for me too...!!
  8. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    one for me too plzzzzzzz
  9. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    @rizaaj - i sent u one.

    thats it for now :(
    i shud b getting more soon. i thought no one would want one

    I do hav tons of gmail invites, if anyone wants those.
  10. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    @everyone - post ur thoughts about it. personally i think its crap. msn 7 was wayyy better.

    Windows Live Messenger will be the next-generation MSN Messenger. It will have everything you already love about Messenger—your contact list, emoticons, and instant access to your friends via text, voice, and video—plus new ways to connect and share documents with almost magical ease. As always, it will be free to download Messenger and use most of its features.

    What you will be able to do with it

    • Send all your familiar winks and emoticons, plus some cool new ones
    • Have real-time text, video and voice conversations
    • Easily share documents of all kinds with Sharing Folders

    What are Sharing Folders?

    Sharing Folders will be a new and simple way for you to share personal photos, documents, and files with your Messenger contacts. You will be able to create a Sharing Folder by simply dragging files onto a contact name in Messenger. This will create an exact copy of the files on both you and your contact's computers, and create a Sharing Folder that can be accessed from Messenger, and on the desktop.
  11. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    hey all those who got ur invites they r given a certain numn of invitees too

    send me oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. har1s

    har1s <b>Untitled</b>

    ^^ yea... rizaaaj and disturbed... i need 1 tooo ! thnx
  13. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    The user interface looks like butt.
  14. shak

    shak Harrr!

    messenger beta 8 is crap ..
  15. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    ^^ i know....wt were they thinking ?

    the only new feature worth mentioning is offline msgs.
  16. Evo Guy 911

    Evo Guy 911 Banned

    does it work in MSN 8? wow! Now thats cool. Ya 8 beta is crap. Too less working space. MSN 7.5 was way better. But its in Beta. Maybe they change the final product. Hope so. Peace

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