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    I tremble in darkness
    Afraid of the unseen
    Scared of what lurks in shadow.
    I yearn to be free
    Unbound from my chains
    To run through field and medow.
    Unable to move
    From this place I am in
    Will I ever be released?
    My doubt and my pain
    I hold deep inside me
    Prevent me from finding peace.
    Alone in the dark
    Trapped forever
    I wonder if here I will die.
    Falling to the ground
    I Clench both my fists
    And reach them to an unseen skY
    You tell me we're through
    In front of your crew
    Hoping to get a reaction
    In revenge for your contraction.
    I look away from you
    Whispering that it can't be true.
    You and your friends mock me
    I want nothing more than to flee.
    Then you have the audacity
    To ask to remain friends with me.
    I shake my heand and draw my gun
    My turn to laugh as your friends all run.
    Now you're all alone, how does it feel?
    Your mind must surely start to reel.
    Going over the events of your life
    Seeing your joys, sorrows, pain and strife.
    You don't want me? That is fine.
    I must then kill you and make you mine.
    Together we'll be immortalized
    The whole world will sympathize
    Hold your breath as the bullet flies
    To your head, a second between my eyes

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