Why the huge price difference?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by gpt, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. gpt

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    The other day I went to a guitar shop and the owner wasn't present
    I asked the assistant for a specific guitar, ibanez sa260fm
    He took out this catalogue like thing and was searching but couldn't find it.
    So while he was helping out another customer I took a look into that catalogue thingy
    so it was titled as " music distribution Co. "
    it had listings of brands like fender , ibanez , bc rich and stuff
    i managed to find the guitar i was looking for
    now there were two prices .. new d.p. and mrp
    the d.p. was 17k and the mrp was 27k
    i checked out lots of other guitar prices .. some strat had dp of 43k and mrp's of 65k
    when i asked the guy about the price diff .. he was giving some f'ed up explanations

    i guess that dp is some kind of wholesale price or something ?
    also music distribution co is stated as the official distributor of ibanez in india

    i was wondering any of you guys know more about this stuff? is it possible to get he guitars at the dp from some where?
  2. thedisciple

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    music dist co. is owned by bhargavas music...their shop(musicians mall) is at charni rd.

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