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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by enfowaheed, Jun 17, 2005.

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    hey i tired to post data on here but its too long n....n...giving letter limit to 10000 so i just put it on yahoo groups here you can read the full story of jal's split which is the real story..all i can say...its all done bcoz of aatif's bro..but its good that..we have both aatif and Gohar with there taste of music which they wanna do...

    here is the link


    lov ya....
    tc...n...do reply me......


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  2. Nanda

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    Hey i am not getting it...... Here in India Jal is promoted...... And wht is Goher doing.... I guess their song Adat is on TV ...... Total confusion...... Anyway Hope Justice is done......
    I Read the entire artice but cant balme Atif...... till i hear a story from his side...

    But the letter which i read makes me puke on Atif......

    And sorry to say this the English is pretty bad to understand few stuffs on that letter.....

    Could u plz update me on whts happening with the guys now...... Have they reunited..... I see their ads on TV......
  3. rizaaj

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    aaaah.. im fed up of this jal and atif stuff..

    let them do what eva they want... and ****
  4. dashingmoiz

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    Let me try to clear the dust...

    Goher (lead guitarist of Jal) and Atif were very good freinds - 3 three years back! They were and are in same college. Since they both were passionate about Music, they made a band called 'Jal' means 'Water' in Hindi and 'Burn' in Urdu. And recorded their first and only song together which became a BIG, BIG infact, THE BIGGEST hit in the history of Pakistani Music. No other song got so many fans than 'Aadat'.

    More than 33000 ppl downloaded it from karachiunderground.com (the site which use to promote underground music its no more now but it helped Aadat become hit coz Jal was underground then). More than 50000 downloaded it from PakMusic.com

    This is simply unbelievable!

    But, then they had a fight. And they're still fighting. Check this link. Don't miss it!

    The reason they fought is worst. Goher said that Atif went to perform in a concert without informing him so that he alone can get all the credit and money. And Atif said that Goher went to perform in a concert without informing him so that he can get all the fame and money. Both blamed one and other for the same thing. If you'll read the above given link, you'll know how intense their rivalry is!
  5. enfowaheed

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    hi...every buddy..im baCk

    so bhi nanda...u ask what is goher is doning....

    listen....at the time.....3 days before we have a concert with Mobilink mobile fun fare arrage by Mobile Company "Mobilink"

    now after dat.....fani (Farhan) is attending his Graduation Exams....n....goher is preparing for lauch of our next video of Teri Yaad

    i hope k....jab tak aap yeh read karo gay....its wil b onaeard...on Indus Music.

  6. enfowaheed

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    Re: dashingmoiz

    janb "dashingmoiz" i wanna tell ya k....goher aor main 5th class se dost hain...so main aatif ko aor goher to achai terha janta hoon....now u will understand...k....baat yeh hai...k...jal's aadat ko dosry websites ne copy kar k...as piracy chalaya tha....actualy it was firstly played on FM 103...in Lahore....then after response of fans we register the name of web www.jaltheband.com and upload aadat there from where other web sites copy the da thack....

    Do i tell a thing Which no One Knows....:

    after that u believe me....

    it was 1:20 min afternoon when goher came to me and said" yaar today we (atif and Goher) are going to record aadat. i m little nervous come with me (I LIVE IN HIS OPPOSITE OF HIS HOME... so then i was too excited...so i take my bike and we go to the "Cavelary Ground" where atif lives...there i came to know that they are going to record track at Mical hassan band studio....bcoz...we have not enough money to go such big studio...so we go there

    Know what k...(us se pehly goher friends ka guitar use karta tha....after recording aadat when it became nessary thenhe purchse his guitar by selling his bike)...so we have to play aadat with michal hassan guitar...which was so difficult one...even i also tried but ? then other side we have not the enough money k dobara aa sakty record karney k liyay..so....

    hum ne....Salman Elbert....se request kee..k bhi...help karo to

    Lead Gutar of aadat Whcih ws first relead by jal played by Salman elbert
    and bass and back by goher
    and aatif was too confused k...us se b..gaa nai how actualy it was first experience kheer hum ne approxomately 6 ghantoon ke practice k baad reocrd kya...

    now we have so much aadat songs k ...aik poora album sirf aadat pee bun sakta hai

    1- aadat
    (vocal) atif
    (Lead guitar) Salman elbert
    (base and rhythm guitar) Goher

    2- aadat
    by atif
    but he did not know the music because he was singer not composer or etc...
    so he take omer and haider which i told were students of goher so they know the chords to aadat

    3- aadat
    by jal
    vocal farhan
    music goher
    base shazi

    4- slow version of aadat
    by atif

    5- aadat
    guitar mix
    by atif

    6- bikhra hoon main -aadat-
    vocal farhat
    music goher
    base shazi

    hmmm.....it was composed to tell that if we can compose aadat so we can also compose songs like that...bcoz....atif says its mine to hum ne 2 aadat relese kiyay..k beta ab bata....jan hai to to bhi aadat band...simply he fails to do..so...

    7- aadat remix
    by jal

    8- remix of atif versiion
    by a fm radio dj...

    at the end...tell ya one thing...i love both aatif and goher.....but in .....when in reality of course its jal....bcoz.....yeh sub to jal ka ahi...atif ne to copy kay hai...

    dont ya see humary jal k sub songs hit hain

    n....atif bus us songs pe hit hai jo us ne copy kiaya jal ka...


  7. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    enfowaheed who r ?? mean how du u know these guys personally ?
  8. shak

    shak Harrr!

    this is my opinion why jal split

    atif = crap
    goher = crap

    and since jal = goher x atif
    => jal = crap x crap = crap^2
    so probably its better to have two single craps rather than crap raised to power of 2, so in a nutshell they were wise enuff to see this and decided to split .. good on them
  9. enfowaheed

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    Re: Nemo

    hmmm......we live together...means our homes are together.now don't ask for da address.....it can't b tell.....bocoz..pehly hee bohat se log jo janty hain.....humain goher and mee...they are teasing by phone callls...bus yeh...k...main mba kar rha hoon...Gcu...se aor goher b...n...hum....5th class se sath hain....aor....aatif is friend of my cousion to us k sath meri aor goher kee first meeting mery cousion k college mein aik function pe howy thee jehan us ne aik song junoon ka gya tha...humain acha laga...kabi kabi ..milty rahty thay....so is terhan hum ne phir jal ka socha aor here we are at the persent.
  10. aysh

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    waheed why dont u ask goher to join this site :) haha
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    Waheed when are they coming from USA?
  13. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    @ enfowaheed - Is Goher's and Atif's english as bad as yours? :p: hehe
  14. shak

    shak Harrr!

    ^^ LOL how would he know!!! ... (get me?)
  15. kl12

    kl12 (Ghost Note)

    exactly.........i completely agreeeeeeeee...ppl u also need to wake up from ur childhood.......no one knows who was responsible for the band split except of atif and gohar......
  16. enfowaheed

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    Re: nemo


    when goher came back i'll tell him.....:)
  17. enfowaheed

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    Re: dashingmoiz

    Aaaaaammmm.....yaar....goher wil come back on 22 for his some personal work..then went back...as they have concert on (June 25) OAKLAnd
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  19. FaWaD

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    hey Waheed..
    its a sad story.. but c'mon that what happens in showbiz.. no one expects to have everything.. even though i like both of them but believes in Goher's story..

    anyways.. thats history now and i think both of them should put it behind them..

    bout ur link.. bro its not working.. i'll try it later again.. thanks anyways..
  20. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    hehe,.. yeah point man,...

    BTW dude Waheed r u their secretary or some thing? :p:

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