Why is India Poor?

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    ^ India blown to bits.
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    From the same blog/website:
    India’s Real Criminals

    Well, now we can all sleep soundly. Justice and reason have triumphed against the formidable forces of evil that had threatened to undermine the very basic fabric of our millenia old civilization. Our future is assured, our children can now grow up in a land of milk and honey, we can walk the streets without fear and with our heads held high. We can now proclaim with pride Mera Bharat Mahan and truly believe that India is Shining.

    For those who have not heard the momentous news, let me clue you in. The arch villian I am refering to is none other than Daya Nand of Narnaul (Harayana). Sixteen years ago, this enemy of humanity, committed an atrocity so immense that all the forces of the good and the holy had to be arrayed against him. But truth eventually triumphs. The Supreme Court of India prevailed and sentenced him to a life in prison and imposed a fine on this criminal as well for his unspeakable crime.

    July 6th, 1988 will be long remembered as that infamous day when Daya Nand of Narnaul attempted to subvert the fundamental functioning of our way of life. On that day, forever to be recalled as 6/7/88, a crime was commited that engaged the attention of a trial court, then moved to the High Court, and finally ended up in the Supreme Court of India where the Hon’ble Justices heard the evidence, debated the issue with extreme gravity, spent days on end balancing the interests of the society and the rights of the accused, pondered long and hard and eventually delivered a verdict that forever assured the triumph of good over evil, of order over chaos, of right over wrong, of satya over asatya, of light over darkness, of immortality over death, of knowledge over ignorance … you get the idea.

    For the record, the bench of the Supreme Court of the Republic of India which passed this momentous judgement comprised of Justices Hegde, Sinha and Mathur. Truly Daniels. The punishment: six months in prison and Rs 1000 fine. The crime as report by PTI: Daya Nand of Narnaul had diluted 20 litres of milk with water. He was caught by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer who took 750 ml of the sample and sent it to Public Analyst. “The Analyst in his detailed report found the sample to be deficient in milk solid to the extent of five percent of the prescribed mininum standard and also to be deficient in solid fat as required by law.”

    The trial court sentenced Daya Nand leniently considering that he had three small children to support and had no previous criminal record. The High Court overturned that decision but finally it reached the Supreme Court which upheld the trial court’s decision.


    It has been estimated that even if no fresh cases were to enter the Indian judicial system, the backlog of cases would occupy the current legal machinery for about 350 years.


    According to a study done by the Election Commission, 40 sitting members of the Lok Sabha (the Lower House of the Parliament) and around 700 of the 4,072 members in the various state assemblies had criminal records. The crimes do not include adulteration of milk; they are usually rape, murder, extortion, embezzlement of public funds to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    I am very happy that the Supreme Court of India has understood the priorities correctly and spends its time deliberating the crimes of milkmen and happily ignores the crimes that people in high places commit.


    When I ponder the question of why India is a poor, over populated, inconsequential, “third-world” country, I keep returning to one central conviction of mine. Indians, as a collective, seem to lack a moral sense, a sense of balance, a sense of what is right and wrong. From that deficiency arises the collective will of the people. That will is translated into policies. Those policies create the conditions within which the economy evolves.
    It is time to take an unflinching look at the very root causes of our poverty, both material and spiritual. Until we can identify the causes, we will spend a lot of time and effort doing worthless things and never achieve the goal of economic development, leave alone real human development.

    It is all Karma, neh?
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    Ever wonder why poor nations are poor and rich nations are rich? I don’t. I believe I know why the poor stay poor and the rich get rich. Consider this from The Wall Street Journal of Jan 19th. The report is titled India and US to Improve Ties. Here is an excerpt:
    There you have it. The rich sell arms to the poor and the poor pay for it through the blood, sweat, and tears of its starving millions. To be sure, it is not the starving millions who are interested in fighting the poor of the neighboring countries. These millions of poor unfortunates are merely the slave labor that supply through their toil goods that the rich buy in exchange for the arms they ship to the armies of the poor nations.

    It is interesting to ask who exactly wants war. Speaking personally, I am against aggression and don’t wish to be the victim nor the perpetrator of aggression. I also believe that the vast majority of people would happily live and let live. So how does it happen that nations arm themselves to their teeth and more often than not beggar their neighbors and themselves in doing so.

    I believe it is so because nations are not monolithic entities. People have different stations in a country. The generals who wage wars and the politicians who direct the ship of state do not have to pay for the wars themselves. The poor have to die on the battle fields and those who are not paid to die, starve on the streets so that their meager production can be shipped out to pay for the weapons of mass destruction that the leaders of the nation buy for their own amusement.

    The leaders who make the decisions do not feel the pain that the ordinary citizen feels. The leaders are shielded from the effects of their own folly. And so it goes. Now in the Indian subcontinent we have two desperately poor heavily armed hugely overpopulated countries. In time to come it would be hard for people to imagine what was the reason behind this sort of stockpiling of nuclear weapons by such impoverished people. I think that it ceases to be a puzzle when one considers that those who do the stockpiling of nuclear weapons and those who are poor constitute entirely disjoint sets.

    The unfortunate thing is that as weapons become more sophisticated and hence more expensive, the poorer the poor of the poor countries become. And at the same time, and understandably so, the rich of the rich nations and the rich of the poor nations become wealthier.

    Look carefully at the military-industrial complex of a rich nation such as the US. General Dynamics GD (or some such company which makes, say, figher jets) invests a couple of billion dollars to build F15s (Note: all names are made up.) Let’s say that F15s are the last word in the world of fighter planes. So the US military buys 200 of these killing machines for $50 million a pop. So will GD now have to retire their assembly line and stop making a killing? Not really likely. so they sell a few hundred of these to the allies of the US. Now will they stop? Not bloody likely.

    Here is what they do. Now that they are done with selling to the US military and to the militaries of friendly countries, they tell the US government, “Look, everyone has F15s. We need F16s if we have to maintain air superiority.” So they start working on developing the next generation. So the US now has F16s, which are better than the F15s. What about selling the F15s to those third world countries that keep fighting amongst themselves? Sweet deal.

    Enter India and Pakistan. India buys F15s from the US or its equivalent from say the French; Pakistan goes for the other. So now both India and Pakistan are forced to keep up with the expensive sophisticated weapons that the US and other weapon manufacturing states create, only one generation behind. The weapons manufacturers in the rich countries systematically upgrade their technology and create even more lethal weapons which cost unimaginable amounts. Poor third world overpopulated impoverished nations around the world—who cannot afford to feed their starving millions—buy weapons of mass destruction from rich nations who can afford to replace their weapon systems as frequently as a rich man replaces his cars.

    The poor overpopulated misgoverned third rate countries follow the simple policy of beggar-thy-neighbor and end up achieving destitution all round. India and Pakistan are prime example of this. Within India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, nearly a billion highly impoverished malnourished illiterate people scratch out a Hobbesian existence. Yet, these countries spend billions in acquiring ever more sophisticated arms from abroad. The sheer insanity of this is so incomprehensible that it is surreal. Consider this report from The Times of India of Jan 21st, 2004: Gorshkov is launch pad for nuke deal
    I will spare you the rest of this front-page article. It is dismal reading for anyone who is even remotely aware of the hunger and deprivation of the people of this region of the world.

    Can you imagine how much human suffering can be avoided by merely spending a few billion dollars in say bringing pure drinking water, schools for all children, food for the malnourished kids, contraceptive services for women, and so on …?

    These are the weapons of mass destruction—these weapons destroy whether they are actually used in conflict or not. Merely buying them condemns hundreds of millions to lives of such misery that one wonders whether it would not be better for the weapons to be used so as to put an end to the misery.

    Is there a way out? I think that the leaders of impoverished countries should be required to feel the pain that the poor routinely feel. I think that anyone who wishes to be a leader has to spend a month every year living the life of an average person in the bottom decile of the population. For instance, they should have no access to clean drinking water for that month, have no heating or airconditioning, no toilets, inadequate food, have to live in filth, and no medical services. Clearly these worthies lack imagination and so they should have to live the life for just one month every year that they wish to be leaders of poor overpopulated impoverished countries.

    Perhaps then, maybe then, they would be not so gung-ho about buying nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines.
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    world is unfair...
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    too much to read :!
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    ^ ditto.

    10 characters will kill me someday I swear.
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    i already died due to it -_-
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    This isnt the only "reason".
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    same old crap of blaming politicians..and the judicial system...
    another article written by one of those people who only read crapy newspapers filled with chat-pata masala.

    Y do people forget that the wrong things u hear about in newspapers are in the newspapers only because they r few...and not a common thing.
    Tons of diplomats,excellent policy makers and politicians, despite all the corruption, are working hard to improve this society-- , the sole reason y india as a country is progressing, although, slower than it should. These people just dont make it to news channels because they r not interested in the publicity or either dont have time......but it does not mean they do not exist.

    And India's real criminals arent those politicians or the supreme court judges its the very people of the country....including us guys writing and reading posts here. We all have our prejudices, caste...religion...culture....language...
    all those feelings that u keep in ur heart are the reason India is still far from being a developed nation. We call Americans/australians and french racists....but Indians within India...to their own people r the biggest discriminators. We vote in the name of religion....we sit and talk to people from familiar cities...and even give promotions and pass favors to people who belong to our caste.

    In terms of economics we might be progressing....but issues such as quota system, Hindu - Muslim tensions are a grave reminder that we are actually still living in the 18th century.....I still hear educated professionals speak bad about other cultures and religions....

    and things like these hurt our Country MUCH more than corruption and handful of filthy politicians.
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    Exactly, exactly, exactly.
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    1. All this has been listed by that guy in the blog.
    2. For once, atleast click on the link and check the website. I just copy-pasted excerpt from one article. The guy has also done an economic analysis of China vs India: India fails miserably.
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    OK now since we know the "exact" (source of the) problem, what are the solutions?
  14. Alpha this is an excellent piece and I commend you for bringing it to our attention.

    It reiterates what I have been saying for decades that had India and Pakistan resolved their problems on the nogotiation table rather than waste billions on arms the only loser would have been the West.

    You know my feelings about Kashmir that I am quite happy for it to remain part of India as long as the Kashmiri’s are treated justly.

    We must learn from our history that the imperialist never truly gave us independence they just replaced their modus operendi.
    We are still subservient to them.

    The biggest joke is the UN. We all think that this great organisation is there to bring about justice and equality. To help the troubled countries in their time of need. Wheter it be war famine of disaster.

    But no, it is a tool of the imperialists particularly the US who is the major fundee. It is a front to con the third world whilst the West continues to exploit it.

    They go on about democracy yet the UN is totally undemocratic.
    Why should a hand full of countries have the power to veto anything they like?

    Recent example - a resolution against Israel’s actions in Lebanon was voted 147 to 1 with 2 abstentions.

    Guess who vetoed the resolution?

    So those who complain about the UN should know the real reason for its impotence.

    They have never whole heartedly tried to resolve conflicts such as Kashmir because they have been told to lay off by Western powers.
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    ok ..im not invloved in making indian poor .. heheh
    but i guess its oneo of the top eco countries ..anyway ..whatsthe big deal ? the earth will be torn to pieces in some hundred / thousand yrs and i will be dead before that ..so no big deal .
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    well various reasons...........yawn
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    Dude, how old is this guy? He cant be more than 14-15 ! (not 15! )
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    but overall he is right .just give it a thought .if seriously implemented these measures will definetely yield positive results .corruption is the source of all well almost all evil;
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    Erm.... not so quickly
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    OK now since we know the "exact" (source of the) problem, what are the solutions?

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