Why is he happy sitting on the grave?

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  1. Why would he always sleep on the last bench
    Then wake and sketch up a picture so naïve
    Why would he lie in the grass for hours
    and presume the sky a big-blue cave
    and that there is nothing, like very exciting
    and no use indulging in things they say fun
    and whatever will happen, will happen, so what do
    if you feel, then go out but I won’t run

    Cause he’s lazy stubborn and crazy
    Aint moving his ass for no love for no gun
    But one thing which wakes him
    Some times bake's him
    Is he one the only
    Who got nothing to live
    No targets
    no aims
    no fears
    no crib
    he’s almost just over
    yes he’s done
    So sometimes he digs
    His eyes when he shaves
    For he knows no reason for this being brave
    Not the life of a looser
    Nor the dream of a slave
    Then why is happy sitting on a grave !!!
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Very good lines... I liked it...
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    i liked it...though in the end a few lines were nt clear...
  4. thanks for reading ...

    its actually a difficult thought, which i think i over simplified and in some way failed ... may be !!

    Horse > the poem is about people who never felt or feel they have any purpose in life (lol but sm really do feel so ..that too right from their childhood )... i dont knw how many culd get it !!
  5. xerxes

    xerxes New Member

    Very well expressed!!!

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