Why do you hate Brahma?

Discussion in 'IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music' started by Roadie2Rockstar, May 6, 2005.

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    Love this thread...

    Ohk... here's my view =

    Brahma = Hmm... really, I found them OHKISH.... not bad... not amazingly good either.
    As for the Demonstealer bashing, well, wtf is that for? Seondly, Roadie, dude, chill man. See it this way... If you like say Metallica, and you dunn like Megadeth, wateva Megadeth does will piss you... it's like a hate which you develop...

    WTF am I saying???
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    Hey Darmatma, this is not a fight. Its just a question put forward. I have only quoted the demon cause i have read many of his posts on various websites against brahma.

    Asmodeus, I agree with what you have to say with the Metallica-Megadeth e.g
    You see that's what my point is if you really hate them cause you dont like the kind of music they play then its fine, if you hate them cause you feel they are musically not so good then you need to think again, who in india is much better then them when it comes to heavy metal and playing live.

    There are people who think they can play better then them and when they do play at a concert, blame the sound blame the organizers etc. Thats what counts just being a band is not everything you got to know how the deal is done, working with promoters, sound guys etc.

    So I am chill, dont worry!!
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    roadie..i was joking.
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    No much brahma haters in here, thats good news man!!!
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    343 views and 23 replies, and a country of brahma haters who just dont have the balls to speake to the point.
    My post has been talked about on gig pad now what do you say about this.....................

    Guys check this post on a Indian guitar website bout Bhramha-


    Demonstealer dude, that dude DOES have a point in that thread bout Bhramha....
    WHY hate bhramha so much ... I havent even heard em but i see gaalis exchanged about them everywhere on this forum. whats the reason?

    That started the string on gig pad and if IGT has the demonstealer then gig pad has the P man.

    He goes on to put his views.

    facts about brahma :

    *they claim to be asia's loudest band, when i can think of 3 dozen other bands from india alone who are louder and heavier than them. asia's laudaest band should be more like it.

    *they claim to be death metal, they cover john lenon, linkin park, areosmith, creed.

    *they have 2 albums out, and play no songs from there, but only covers.

    *which death metal band plays so much metallica ? that too memory remains ?

    *talk about givin breaks to oepning bands, i know so many bands that opened for brahma and they screwed them over. PDV is one of those bands. they cut our playin time in pune for this gig, we played 4 songs. they played for one and a half hour.

    *devraj is a nice guy offstage, onstage he is a prick, he cant sing.

    *need more ?

    all these amature bands will do is :mad:

    Now which of these points are valid is for the p man to decide.

    They are Asia's loudest heany metal band, cause p man himself says the volume is more when they play and less when other bands play.

    They dont claim to be death metal but the biggest metal band in india. They just reffered one of their oc as death metal which was lord of darkness. This song was being worked on long back when dean was in the band at that time john was suppose to play the keyboard parts when dean quit the band they decided to keep it their usual metal style, but devraj still refres to it as a death metal song.

    They have 2 albums and play songs from their album as well as covers. while amature bands do their first 2gigsplaying covers then are plaing only orginals in shows like razz where you dont have more than 50 people the other 50 being the bands friends who get a free entry and who are in real rock n roll terms called groupies. So if in the whole country 100 people like their oc i dont have a problem with that.

    No death metal band plays Metallica and so brahma is not a death metal but heavy metal band. I was wondering what genre does PDV come in.? punk,death,variety so basically no standard. :rock:

    He knows so many band who got screwed by brahma he cant name any cause he is so messed up every concert he attends of thiers he gets screwed.

    Devraj is a nice guy offstage why did he buy you a choclate kid?

    Let me tell you something, you loosers.
    People who have really got thier break thru brahma really admire them and are thankful and Brahma knows very well who is bitching about them.

    Now what do you guys want that brahma stops playing and does something else. Here's my advice. dont ever step in for their concert even if you like the opening bands or the closing bands. Dont come for any show they organise. Be it garage rock or joe stariani or megadeth. Or how would you like it if brahma reserves the rights to not sell passes to people like the p man. I am sure he will come back crying he got screwed again. he also wanted to come for the joe satriani show in the front row and boo brahma. I am sure if opium events would have PDV as a opening band joe satriani would have killed himself, he would be surprised to see india have a half bald patato headed bassits jump around the same stage like a ass clown while his vocalist pradip would shout independence "from joe satch".

    I really feel cyrus should not think about the critics and reserve rights to not sell tickets to certain people like the demon and pman who are members of indian bands but think that another band sucks. Brahma does not think they suck brahma just does not like the songs they play. Cause brahma knows that they are so good that within a year thier guitarist left then thier drummer and then they will come up with a new band name and by the time some other new kids grow up and form a band they will not event exist to hear the new kids on the block boo them.

    Better still Cyrus should drop the idea of getting any international artists to this country cause people think opuim is bad at organizing anything. I guess indians prefer nothing to something so :beer: cause if thats what you want here's what a great song writer put in his music.

    Careful of what you wish, careful of what you pray.
    Careful what you wish, you might regret it.
    Careful what you wish, you just might get it :cen:
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    dont know brahma...........just one thing.............
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    wow u certainly are persistant man. If Brahma is so big as u claim why do u even bother with threads like this man???? U think Brahma even cares about all the looser's who dislike their music?? I to be honest was quite verbal about my anti brahma sentiments but I dont care anymore.

    All said and done whatever u wanna say u defend them

    They did claim to be the '1st ever indian death metal band' .... they did claim to have written the 1st 'indian death metal track' and they did claim to have the '1st indian black metal song' .... now u are a fan tahts cool but u cant deny these statements because i was there when he made them. Now he may have said it in the momment without thinking but he said it and it didnt look good.

    Now I didnt tell u that to start a fight. I just said it to correct yoru facts. U continue liking brahma and i suggest instead of wasting time on forums like this asking ppl why they dont like brahma just be a good fan and spread their music instead. Remember music speaks more than just talk. Put ppl onto their site. Let ppl judge brahma. Maybe Brahma haters will listen to those reborn clips and find utopia(or something like it)

    I shall continute to be my non caring self and carry on with my band and life.

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    Hey drSaurabh, its great to know you attended all the 3 concerts, but it suprizes me that you did not see Brahma open for Joe Satch at kolkata and banglore. They just did not open in bombay as bombay crowd does not deserve to watch brahma.
  9. Roadie2Rockstar

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    Hey Demonstealer, you sure have a major problem with brahma and just can't stay without comenting so who is being persistsant. I just copied that phrase from gigpad and pasted it here. stating that IGT forum talks are discussed on gig pad as well. So your name did come up in that. I then went on to quote the P man cause he has the same hatred attitude against brahma. I could not reply there cause i dont have a gig pad id. So I replied to what p man had to say about brahma. What suprises me is how come you are offended by me kicking the pman's and PDV's ass.

    Coming to what you have to say about facts.
    I was there at the I rock show when devraj said we are the first band to be releasing a death metal song and they went on to play Lords of darkness. This was at a Irock when dean was playing lead and Lords of darkness was not released. So if you have a problem with calling that a death metal song then i dont know what to tell you. If they are not the first band to have played a death metal OC track then which band has? im talking about OC and not covers and am specifing so cause you would come up with some stupid complaint again.

    All said and done just answer this one question.
    At a next brahma concert where no international act is playing, if you are denied entry as you are a brahma hater, would you be ok with it.
    Or would you again go on posting reviews that they did not allow you in cause they felt you would throw bottels at them like you always do.
    So specify your concern and dont tell me that you would not go for a brahma concert.
    Cause I have seen you at almost all their concerts in mumbai.
    Now please dont come back saying that you dont come to the show to watch the opening acts and not brahma.

    And just so that you dont misunderstand me again. (I-rock is not a brahma show, im talking about shows organised by brahma)
  10. DrSaurabh

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    dude....no need to get hostile.....i dont hate brahma....i dont even know who they are....i cudnt differentiate them from PDV or AGNI or whatecer..
    the fact is...they did not open for Joe
  11. Roadie2Rockstar

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    Not getting Hostile, my friend it does not matter if you hate them or you never heard of them. They did not open for joe in mumbai, but they did open for joe in kolkata and banglore. I've watched all 3 shows DVD with the bassist of the band brahma. So I know that you are wrong on this point that they did not open for joe.

    And please don't compare them with PDV. Whereas Agni yes, both agni and brahma are like brother bands, good friends and have headlined many shows together these past 4 years.............so chill dude.
  12. Asmodeus

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    Hmm... Dude... Roadie... don't take this too seriously but like... get ur f'kin balls outta ur head man...

    First things first, the topic is "Why do you hate BRAHMA"... not why do you hate some individual band member or Opium events or something. As for the P-Man and DS, well, I think they are entitled to their own views... every1 is. So what if they loathe, hate, execrate or even piss on Brahma? What's it gonna do to ya?

    Well, even though I don't like PDV's music all that much, I do like them live... that's just the point. Everything sounds better live and you get to know who plays what and how...

    So like, dude, take a chiller man...

    Remember, you can never force some1 into liking or hating something...
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    yea this thread should have been locked up long time ago....
    who friggin cares if someone else hates whatever the band maybe. If you like it, YOU LIKE IT PERIOD!..
    stop bitching about other people showing hatred and bleh!....

  15. Asmodeus

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    Amen man..... Amen...

    F'kin... U can cut the tensions and anger levels here with a knife!
  16. Nanda

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    Hey frankly speaking even i dont like Bhrama much..... Ive heard em on SS Music... this was some 3 yrs ago... Till i heard them i liked them...... and found them cool, But i heard them cover smoke on the water...... I was like "Whats the matter with them"..... the Metal gods covering "smoke on water"..... and even the cover was bad..... guess even Galeej Gurus would have done it better.....

    Speaking from other view..... they have to be good in some way else they cant survie for 15 yrs....... and maybe there are few who find em cool. just the way we have audience for Manson, Korn, Tool or Britney spears.......
    I am not saying anyone is bad..... just depends on your taste..... I atleast find Bhrama not to my taste these days......
    But Remember Bhrama was a BAND THAT PLAYED IN HARD ROCK CAFE, FRANCE...... They were take after some guy saw them on a Frenceh Channel MCM, the same network as FTV........... Used to get it here b4 now its stopped..........
    If they have played in Hard Rock Cafe there must b something good about them......
  17. Asmodeus

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    Heck... if ya are judging people as to where they play, then you surely a bit daft man...
    Hard Rock Cafe is like, forever in a loss... whoever plays there, have to pay there... It's easy money...

    I could be wrong here... but like, that's what I perceive to be the fact...
  18. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Brahma, the only Indian band to have played at the Hard Rock Cafe, Paris.

    Here is an exclusive interview with Brahma, which are the some of the most frequently asked questions to the band by the media & fans. The answers will provide you with a lot of information & facts you want to know about the band.

    Q.)Why the name brahma?
    A.)Brahma is a very powerful name.We wanted an Indian name & brahma means creator. We guys in the band create...create music.

    Q.)What's brahma's music all about?
    A.)Our music is all about life-about things that go on in this world.We don't talk about *** ,drugs or any of those things that bands keep doing again & again in this business.You see we don't live in a world of fantasy.We like to talk about the facts of life just as they are.

    Q.)What kind of music do you guys in the band listen to?
    A.)Well , we listen to all different kinds of music.we're open to all kinds of good music, But it's definitely heavy metal that we really dig into.

    Q.)Which bands have been the primary musical influences on brahma?
    A.)Metallica, testament, sepultura, slayer, pantera etc..were the bands that influenced us in a big way. We really got to understand what metal was all about when these bands came out way back in the 90's.It made us pick up our individual instruments.

    Q.)Do you'll hate any bands or artists?
    A.)Yeah, loads of them.Well in particular we hate all those sissy boybands that come up today on music channels & a few alternative bands that f*#& up rock music.

    Q.)Which was brahma's best show?
    A.)All our shows have been excellent. But two of the best we always remember are the Indian independence rock festival 1996 & hard rock cafe in Paris.

    Q.)What are your fans like?Any crazy incident that you'll can remember about your fans?
    A.)They are those hardcore, agressive, headbanging, crazy metal fans who want to get their ass kicked all the time! you know, enjoy a pure metal show.By giving them quality music, we never let our fans down.
    In Manipal, we had a kickass show.Our fans went crazy....we mean really crazy that they burnt their own clothes & stuff & had a sort of what you call a mosh pit. It was soon that the security realised that half the ground was on fire. phew!

    Q.)Tell us something about your debut album titled "The World Beyond"!
    A.)It was great to have our album out after a long time because here in India rock bands don't get signed so easily. Record labels here don't support rock music.So, we finally got our album out in the market through Virgo music.And what could be better than having it released at the independence rock festival '98 where our copies were completely sold out.The track "Destroy The Destroyer" did extremely well .Where as "you must die" was highly appreciated by the death metal freaks.

    Q.)What about your debut video?
    A.)Along with the release of the album, we also launched our video for the song "Destroy the Destroyer" at the independence rock festival '98.

    Q.)What is it like to play in front of thousands of people?
    A.)It's a great feeling, it takes you on a total different trip.When we're on stage it kind of brings a feeling that it's the place where we're meant to be, it's where we belong .

    Q.)A lot of bands in this country have come & gone, but you guys have always been strong in this scene for a long time now, how?
    A.)The things that have kept us going in this scene is our attitude, image, integrity & offcourse our very own music.And we will continue being in this business for a long time to come.We take our music very seriously.

    Q.)What advice would you give to the upcoming & aspiring rock bands in the country?
    A.)Believe in yourself & never compromise on your music, & don't let success of around fifty people kissing your ass get to your head. It's easy to form a band, but tough to remain as one.
  19. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Hey dude...... I didnt say they are good read my previous post..... i said they r not of my taste.... But they have made it big so they might have appealed to certain set of audience........ I am no one to judge a band that is 15 yrs old..... all i can say is i wan heart broken when i first heard them...... Had major expectations .... they sucked....

    Maybe you should read the entire story b4 u call some1 DAFT.......
  20. Roadie2Rockstar

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    To all of you have a problem with this thread goahed close it, lock it, do whatever you want. I dont own IGT, i just put my view forward and if you'll have a problem with that, im sorry.

    But hey, mind you its you guys who say everyone is entitled to thier own view.

    Maybe I was wrong in quoting the demon and p man but they quote brahma everywhere.

    Now please understand my point clearly specified I am not trying to make anyone like brahma or change their opinion about the band.

    You hate them cause you think they are not talented is fine.

    My point is simple you hate brahma dont go for thier shows.

    What you guys are trying to say is that if we hate brahma we can say whatever we want about them, we can go to thier shows and bottel them. I dont thing that is a correct way of expressing yourself. If i hate any band i dont go for thier shows and boo them, bottle them or show them a middle finger by buying front row tickets.

    I know what the future of indian rock n roll is.
    Just cause brahma is not playing your kind of music you think they suck. Five years from now you will not like any of the bands you are praising now. Who knows these bands might not even exist. So people like you will then bitch about those bands and you'll will feel it is correct to do so good for you'll. I disagree to such an attitude of an individual

    A simple e.g is Just because pantera split, some stupid fan though he had the right to kill dimebag. There are many fans who like pantera even if they split cause thier music lives forever.

    In the same way maybe you think that bitching about brahma is right. I think its not.
    Yes if you hate brahma thats fine, simple dont go fo thier shows.

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