Wht r tabs n chords

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    'm totally new to guitars, but thx to IGT, 'coz of which 'm getting more and more to learn anout it, and the tabs guys post here are always of great help.

    I've this question.. what's the difference between chords n tabs? tabs 'm able to understand.. as 'm already using many from IGT :),
    but pls explain me regarding chords and how to play'em..

    Reason for question :| ... i found many entries for my fav songs in form of chords only :(

    ..pls reply... great guys??
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    dont bothor my frnd

    hiiii!my self ronak,i m a medical student & i m also new 2 guitar & just started guitar classes.the scale(SAPTAK) is combination of 7 notes(TABES).these notes r sam as SUR of classical muzic.and there are multiple chords which are the group of tabs which can b used in song.these chords are of many types,few of them i know,MAJOR,MINOR,MAJOR & MINOR 7TH,MAJOR & MINOR 11TH,AUGMENTED,DIMINISHED OK,,,,,,,,,tak an example the A major scale CONSISTS OF A,B,C#,D,E,F#,G#,A. TABS.NOW THE ANY MAJOR CHORD IS MAD UP OF 1ST,3RD,5TH TABS ....SO A MAJOR CHORD WIL B PLAYED BY THE COMBINATION OF A,C#,E....... OK.
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    Tabs Vs Chords (Simply stated)

    Tabs give you the sequence of notes to be played (in order)
    Chords is a combination of notes played at the same time. So if in the tab you see something like
    This indicates notes to be played at the same time; giving you the idea that this is actually a chord.
    Gives you the sequence. But notice that no more than a single note is played at a given time. Hence this will be a tune without a chord.
    Got it?
  4. manasleo

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    Hi Ronak,

    Thnx yaar. The way u've explained for chords to me, It was quite helpful.
    I'd be looking forward for some more information on this.. and exactly in
    this manner.. :)

    thnx buddy

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