Whr to buy Cort EVL Z4 in bangalore?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by shredmeister, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. shredmeister

    shredmeister New Member

    Hey guys,,

    can anyone tell me whr i can get a Cort EVL Z4 electric guitar in Bangalore and How much..... i checked out Aruna musicals but he's all like its Rs 22k... which i feel is too much since d rest of the music stores in india( ONLINE prices) range it from Rs 17.5-19k fer it....any suggestions ?? Reynolds and SoundGlitz dont hav it....
  2. shredmeister

    shredmeister New Member

    oh .. and almost forgot .. i wanted to get a Roland MicroCube fer d cort.....is it fine ?? or is the somethin better fer it?? keep in mind i dont hav much of a budget here.. Max-25k (guitar+amp)
  3. yesh11

    yesh11 New Member

    cooL! i stay in chennai ! if u dont mind come to chennai and make it n TULSI guitars! they are the best in making guitars! any shapes, every thing set properly! trust me! they are the best! u can get an AWESOME guitar for 15k and they STAGEMASTER amp s jus 6k! Many of my frnds use it ! it s amazing! or get my cort x6sm set perfectly, ernie ball strings, and intonation set , one month old wid beta aivin amp wich has a mini processor in it which has all the effects, VG fr a begginer! \m/ and my guitar s a floyd rose!

    contact me!
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    @shredmeister: dude microcube will not be loud enuf in case u're jamming with a drummer.. u know microcube is a 2W amp... try to get some 15-20W amp.. u can see the line6 spider IV at bajaao.. its really worth a deal...or may be a roland cube

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