Who was she?

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    She was standing in the rain
    when I saw her.
    something put me into strain
    to think about her.
    Just one look into her eyes
    made me curios
    to know her.
    Enjoying every drop
    was tapping and dancing,
    and that made me crazy
    about her

    As free as a bird
    as if no need to utter a word.
    She was ready to fly
    in the enormously high sky
    and was even ready to go
    beyond the serene,
    and could do anything
    to chase her dream.

    Just then I thought
    that who was she,
    that dazzling beauty,
    that independent fantasy?

    And I realized, it was in me
    when she said
    “Don’t look for me,
    just look into thee”,
    and she taught me to let
    myself free.
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    luv ur work tanvi

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