Who wants to have a songwriting contest?

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by rabi_sultan, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    we could have some fun here.

    We get into teams of three/four and we write an original song :)

    so we'd need lyrics written, chord progressions, no solo required but leave an appropriate number of bars for solos etc.

    Basically just lyrics, chord progressions and an mp3 recording of your team so one person has to do the playing.

    Then we can vote on it :)

    Who's up for it?
  2. Sonali

    Sonali ::>> Welcome <<::

    wow rabi.....great idea but seems like quite a challange.....can't wait to see what you guys come up with....:rock:
  3. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    if there's enough interest.

    Band Name:
    Band Members: (no need to specify roles if you don't want to)
    Style of Music:
    Record Label:

    no more than 3 band members.
    at least ONE song must be made
    how about we say a month from when there are enough bands?
    you are allowed to trade band members
    you can only be in one band at a time

    i think i covered all the rules there :)

    oh yeah the song can be in urdu, hindi, panjabi, tamil or english.
  4. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Yeah, sure rabi. Count me in. Hey Essi want to form a band?
  5. skaw

    skaw snooze

    kool .. rabi nice idea... i ll b the audience u guyz can count on me for clapping :p
  6. pacificwaters

    pacificwaters - .+:| Oriel |:+. -

    hey rabi,

    that was a cool idea.

    would like to participate, but i am not as experienced as you guys on this site. but i sure would like to participate

    and skaw urs was a brilliant suggestion LOL
  7. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    i am for it !!!! good job rabi ,....
  8. Venus

    Venus New Member

    Cool man, sounds like its gonna be fun...............:)
  9. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    rockin idea. lets go for it man.
  10. pacificwaters

    pacificwaters - .+:| Oriel |:+. -

    hey rabi.....

    this thread seems like its gonna rock.

    but tell me how do we form bands??
  11. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    yeah sure , its gonna rock , but we need a co-ordinator here , need some volunteers !!!
  12. tejas

    tejas ..........

    That will be internal. Just pm, anyone you want to be in a band with. If they want to join you they will. Then you guys decide how you want the song, and plan the rest.
  13. tejas

    tejas ..........

    One small question. I thought attaching mp3s is not allowed. Will there be a special grant for this?

    p.s. In my earlier post i was talking to pacificwaters.
  14. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    great idea rabi... a song writing contest really rocks, man...
  15. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    now this is getting a bit confusing , everyone here is ready but how do we go about it , can someone explain ...

    and tejas , ur right , we can upload mp3 !!!!! rabi ,. take note ....
  16. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    we can get around the uploading mp3 problems i can get them uploaded at some servers etc so thats not a problem.

    As for how to get involved do what tejas suggested, PM around between yourselves and make a band of three and post it in here. You gotta make the band yourself and any number of entries are welcome, your just not allowed to be in more than one band at once ;)
  17. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    @ tejas...

    sorry, mate... i'm a week away from my promotional exams. I cannot afford to spend much time away from my books. carry on, you people... if the contest is till on, i might make a guest appearance. ;)
  18. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Oh, okay essi. Its alright. Try to make it still. By the way what are promotional exams?
  19. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Its the equivalent of final exams..
  20. jayanth

    jayanth &lt;.: : Call Quits : :.&gt;

    I'm o nPrash's team...

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