who am i - will young chords request

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  1. strings25

    strings25 New Member

    ppl cud u help me out with
    who am i - will young
    thanx in advance....
    happy strummin guys
  2. cdscan2000

    cdscan2000 Help!! Antacid please!!

    Who Am I-will young
    tabbed by -cdscan2000.for any song check out my thread.njoy

    Guitar tuned to flat Eb, Ab etc

    Verse and bridge =

    Am, G ( I think that’s all it is)

    Chorus =

    F G
    And who am I to tell you
    C G F
    That I would never let you down
    That no one else could love you
    C G Am
    Half as much as I do now
    And who am I to tell you
    C G F
    I’d always catch you when you fall
    Well I, I wouldn’t be myself at all

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