while my guitar gently weeps [george harrison is a god]

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    hi, since no one is listening to i'll be, i decided to do one of my favorites to garner attention. pardon the mess-ups and sort of hasty recording. but i still think it's pretty solid and reproduces some of those tensions of haunting and sharp emotion.

    don't think anyone's ever covered a beatles song or one so brilliant in composition

    just listen to the guitar and the move from a minor to a major and walking bass lines -- brilliant when combined with the voice and harmony

    (i'm talking about george harrison's work -- it would be blasphemous to talk about my work even in the same stratosphere as harrison)

    harrison is one of the most underrated songwriters in history -- a true genius.

  2. varmas11

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    does anybody here know what this song is or who the beatles are ?
  3. bjr

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    haha, don't put us down.

    This is one of my favourite songs really <3
  4. folkpoet80

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    Awesome mate!!
  5. jozko

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    good one saurabh, really enjoyed

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