which strings r used in arpeggiated of sumer of 69

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  1. prash1006

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    please couls some one help me out?
    which strings are plucked durring the RPG part while doing the unplugged version of summer of 69?
    and the sequnce


    D* is the progression: Dsus - D - Dsus4 - D - Dsus - D (arpeggiated)

    A* is the progression: Asus - A - Asus4 - A - Asus - A (arpeggiated)
  2. Ashish<AK>

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    AK here...dude what is RPG....

    dude which part u want???i knwo the full song..i u wan then message me hotgirlslover007@yahoo.co.in ....in yahoo...
    mostly it is Power chords...D5 and A5
    then the rhythm D...D...A..A twice..

    Bm...A...D...G... twice...
    then the tabs ...
    Strummign pattern is liek papakehtein hai...juss listen to the music...DDU UDU
  3. rockychh

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    arpeggiate the first 3 strings for the D part
    thats the e B and D strings
    arpeggiate them in the flwg way (writing string number to be plucked and the chord to be played below it)
    123 123 123 123 12 12
    Dsus2 D Dsus4 D Dsus2 D
    and then 2,3,4 strings for the A part
    234 234 234 234 23 23
    Asus2 A Asus4 A Asus2 A

    Dsus2 - x00230, D x00232, Dsus4 - x00233
    Asus2 - 002200, A 002220, Asus4 - 002230

    then Bm A D G

    man we were killin time part chords are F A# C A# F A# C
    forever ends with C
    then again back to the arpeggio

  4. prash1006

    prash1006 New Member

    thanks will try it out...:)

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