Which Scale is "Kapi" Ragam?

Discussion in 'Carnatic Music of South India' started by jithmeister, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. jithmeister

    jithmeister New Member

    My band has decided to perform a couple songs in the "Kapi" ragam. I'm a beginner guitarist and I definitely don't know carnatic. So, which scale are they referring to?

    And they want me to jam with them with some solos and chords? How should I go about this??

    I really really need your help guys.. Plss. Thx in advance :)
  2. sandeepsharman

    sandeepsharman New Member

    hey buddy,

    Kafi ragam is a C Dorain mode (scale: C D Eb F G A Bb) consists of the same scale as the C Dorian mode and the Raga Kafi. U can play C minor for that

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