Which Pickups to use..need help

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by prathmesh13, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. prathmesh13

    prathmesh13 New Member

    .Hi there..I would like to upgrade my guitar with some really good pickups. Currently i am using a Peter Periera maid guitar with the Periera custom pickups. I am not quite happy with the distortion and would like to change the pickups. I would like to choose pickups that would suite all kind of genres mainly metal (Megadeth,Slayer,Metallica), grunge (Pearl Jam), Pink Floyd. Plz help me with which pickups to use for neck, bridge and central single coil

    thanks in advance..
  2. shetu_ecdw

    shetu_ecdw New Member

    do to websites of SeymourDuncan, Dimarzio, EMG n chk out the various pickups they have got....they have pickups to suit every style of playin n sound...chk the sound samples as well....
  3. unet

    unet New Member

    Your main issue is either with the amp or the pedal your using, not the pickups.
    Pickup changes make very little difference unless you're running a decent amp that has a good frequency response.

    What amp do you have?
  4. prathmesh13

    prathmesh13 New Member

    hi Unet....here is the gear i am using

    Peter Periera Custom Guitar
    Body - Indian Alder
    Neck - Maple
    Fretboard - Rosewood
    Amp - Roland Cube 15x
    Processor - Boss ME 20
  5. unet

    unet New Member

    Okay....first of all, processor into a modeling amp is not a very good idea.
    The modeling tends to clash and that doesn't sound good.

    Try running your guitar straight to the amp and EQ it to see how it sounds.
    And see if you can get some nice distortion this way.
  6. distorted

    distorted satan

    Alwys keep ur amp clean wen running yr processor... N chk fr emg actives 81/85.
  7. raddy

    raddy New Member

    EMG 81/85 pickups for metal Thats it end of thread :D
  8. prathmesh13

    prathmesh13 New Member

    ..thanks guyz...yup i did plug the guitar directly into ampli..n tried all sorts of EQ settings...bt didnt work..

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