Which one should I go for ?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by f123, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. f123

    f123 New Member

    Hope you all are strumming well.. :)

    I am on an humble budget and am thinking of buying a new acoustic guitar.

    After a bit of research I have shortlisted a few viz,

    1. Granada PRLD-18
    2. Pluto HW41-201

    Which one should I go for ?
    Which one has the best value for money and would last long (age better) ?
    I might add an EQ/P later..

    Kindly give your suggestions.
    Thanks in Advance, Awaiting your Reply.

    Cheersss !!!
  2. tshrjain

    tshrjain New Member

    You've selected good brands
    But you may also want to have a look at these:

    Granada PRS-1 Medium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
    Pluto HW39-201C Medium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

    My favourite is the second one. All the best for your new guitar.
  3. f123

    f123 New Member

    Thanks tshrjain..
    Yes, I had a look at Granada PRS-1 ( the sound was awesome) but I found it a bit small for myself.
    I'll check out Pluto HW39-201C soon. :)
  4. tshrjain

    tshrjain New Member

    well i checked all the four today along with many more and finally bought Granada PRLD-18.
    I think u shud go for it too.
  5. f123

    f123 New Member

    Heyy tshrjain..
    Congrats on your new buy. :)
    Where did you get it from and for how much ?
    I do have the same guitar in my mind but I am thinking of Pluto too since they are a bit heavier on the bass. (Just a little bit confused)

    Recently I saw Cort guitars.. How are they ?
    (Anyone familiar with these makers, kindly suggest)
  6. tshrjain

    tshrjain New Member

    I bought it in Mumbai, India from Lamington Rd. for 4350/- Rs.
    got lots of stuff free with it as Christmas is near. (lots of picks, holder, strings etc.)
    If u need more info on the address just PM me.

    I did see Pluto guitar but the cutaway model was looking small in size like that of cutaway Granada.
    The Pluto HW41-201 model was also very good.

    I could not find Cort guitars in any shop. Just saw them on the net but never heard of anyone mentioning about them so cant tell how they are.
  7. f123

    f123 New Member

    Cort guitars are available in Musicians Mall, opp Charni Road Station.
  8. tshrjain

    tshrjain New Member

    The guy from Musician Mall had called me as I had inquired about guitars their too and he said Pluto guitars are good and suggested me to go for it. On asking about difference in Hobner and Hobmer he told me the story of two partners splitting up and setting different companies and also said that these guitars are no longer manufactured.

    I found this a little misleading and their it was when he lost my vote of confidence. So I did not contact him after wards.
  9. f123

    f123 New Member

    Hmm.... ic

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