Which is the best song in the Pakistani Rock Genre...?

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  1. Sohrab_khan

    Sohrab_khan 6stringz luva!!

    hey ppl, the recent trend in the pakistani musical world is of rock. noori, junoon, jal, e.p, call, aaroh and many otherz are on the top lists... we do define who has the best music and songs... now its time to tell the world which song u like the most and y? u have the 7 following bands (including their albums) to decide which one of them has the best song of all...
    3.Atif aslam-jal pari
    4.junoon-all the albums
    6.Entity paradigm(E.P)-irtiqa
    7.Noori-suno ke main hoon jawaan
    Which song do u like over all? :eek::

    BIG_EVIL Guitaring Machine

    welllllllll. ................. i would vote for atif and junoon.
  3. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    i dont think sum of the bands can be called rock bands. like atif and jal.

    but other then tat i dont hve any favoruits i luv listnin 2 all of them. and i fi had 2 choose ill get sum1 else 2 do it
  4. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    hhhmmmmm...it's kinda hard to decide....
  5. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    thats NOORI one
    Suno ke mein hoon jawan--
    well b cuz it brings out the true feeling of a yougster who wanna make a diffrence in his life
    this song hav evolutionary lyrics
    so as Noori s others song
    I think Thats Y this song got Best Rock song IM AWARD
  6. Punjabi4life007

    Punjabi4life007 New Member

    Dude, ur forgetting Fuzon. They're just as good as everyone else u mentioned up there.
  7. scarydude2

    scarydude2 New Member


    mine would be CALL.........n their song pukaar..just rocks
  8. guitarded

    guitarded New Member

    junoon...is da best ...u kant list'em up wid those new bands..
  9. Taifi

    Taifi New Member

    CALL. dudez they rock. their song pukar is i think the best rock song i have heard.
  10. Frozen Flame

    Frozen Flame New Member

  11. bravo

    bravo New Member

    suno ke mein hoon jawan
  12. framed

    framed New Member


    mekaal hassan band - sampooran
    kain - tum
    the morning after - corduroy
    zaki - you need the fire
  13. J_a_L

    J_a_L New Member

    Jal - Aadat... i think dis is da best song...

    but as far as bands are concerned, EP is a real gud ROCk band...junoon...is okay too...but we cant say its ROCK...if u know wat i mean

    n yea...Pukaaar by call...is awesome tooo
  14. Ali

    Ali New Member

    Well Mizraab is missing in the list. I think its the real rock one for the moment. But still I think EP is the best.KAHAN HAI TU and HAMESHA are really awesome.
  15. divva

    divva New Member

    well in my opinion jal n call are da best. i think these 2 bands simply rocks n specially call's pukaar n jal's bikhra hoon mien,ik din ayega,terey yaad......they r simply gr8
  16. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    I would like to vote for Ep. Bcoz they focused whole world in just one album, from Mother(In song Aaghosh) to Human's Nature (In song Fitrat) they point out every thing in very simple but miningful manner. Their Lyrics, Music, and Vocals, they all are just fantastic. And they havn't ne lost point in their band. Thats y I want to vote for them.
  17. Sohrab_khan

    Sohrab_khan 6stringz luva!!

    i would personally go for e.p... i dont know y maybe b`coz they have the most outstanding musik??
  18. insomniac

    insomniac New Member

    i think Call is realy a ROCK BAND in the true sense of the word... they copy off of CREED though but stil fo a pki band they'r doin awsome job...lovin em so far... lov his vocals too v nicee...\
  19. Sohrab_khan

    Sohrab_khan 6stringz luva!!

    by the way where can i download there songs? i mean call songs.
  20. bravo

    bravo New Member

    noori - gana no. 1

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