Which Is The Best Band In Pakistaan

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by EP/*rocks*/, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    Hey, Guys Which Band Do You Think That We Should Choose As The Best Band Of The Pakistan Your Options Are -

    1! Meekal Hassan Band
    2! Entity Paradigm
    3! Junoon
    4! Aaroh
    5! Jal
    6! Noori
    7! Anyone Else If In Your Veiws

    In My Veiws Meekal Hassan Really Rocking Band In Pakistan
    This Band Have All Variation In It
    Whether It Should Be
    Sufi -rabba,sajan
    Hard Rock-sanwal

    Give Your Veiws

  2. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    JAL rocks!!
  3. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    is all the band lovers are gone from the earth??????????????


  4. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    may be b'coz i dont listen to the other bands much..
  5. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    every one is makin his own way and style in music ..

    Aaroh's Farooq Ahmed is makin a classical vocal in rock music..

    jal is applying same style in his new album nop quit different from previous

    mekal hassan awesome i cant make any comments ..

    junoon is ...just a junoon ... whatever the song is let him @ salman ahmed play the guitar ..

    noori is also nice ..

    some other bands are also superb in PaK. like mizraab .. Call, ..

    i just dun like Shehzad Roy ..
  6. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    jazz i just want to know that whether which is the best band of pakistan

    don,t want to know the confused answer
  7. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    why all the viewers are not giving there views
  8. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    are all the band lovers are gone to hell

    i think so!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. param

    param New Member

    1. Call
    2. Roxen

    my favorite song, Darr by Kain.
  10. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    i think all the band lovers got their veiws banned
  11. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    now who is live on the earth
  12. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    Noorie. By far.

    Im not paki and am not much in tune with the paki version of desi rock.. but i have heard jal and noorie.. and i simply love noorie's alternative outlook on this genre.

    However, noorie doesnt sing in urdu.. they do punjabi.. would it be possible to ask you guys for the translation of some of their songs?
  13. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    hey.. , petunia

    surely i am a great fan of NOORI be in touch i will be providing you all the LYRICS translation of the GREAT "noori"
  14. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    awww thanks.
    but yea,
    off the top of my head.. i want manwa re and bol.
    ill tell you some more when i remember.. :)

    thanks. oh, this is so awesome. lol.
  15. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    NOORI:manva re

    dhol ki taal pe gaa re

    gaare mann jhoom ke gaare

    apnaa har dard chupaake

    naach aur sab ko nachaa re

    ho manvaa re naa tadpaa re

    agan dil ki naa bhar kaa re

    na bharkaa re naa sulgaa re

    ho manvaa re

    ret kaa mahal banayaa

    hath tere kuch naa aayaa

    chot mere dil ki ujri

    aas kaa diyaa bujhaayaa

    bichri yaadein leke

    pyaar sab ko deke

    aaaj koi chalaa hai saj ke

    piyaa nagariyaa re

    ho manvaa re
  16. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    thanks and i think i can figure out the lyrics.. but this is not hindi/urdu is it?
    is this punjabi?
  17. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    it is the common lingo of hindustani MIX OF HINDI ,URDU AND PUNJABI!!!!!!
  18. AhsenBhai

    AhsenBhai New Member


    #2 Junoon
    #3 Noori
    #4 Strings
    #5 Jal
    #6 Entity Paradigm
  19. Zaheer abbas

    Zaheer abbas New Member

    jal of course
  20. EP/*rocks*/

    EP/*rocks*/ New Member

    sorryahsen bhai i regrett tht i havn,t included VITAL SIGNS BUT THEY REALLY BANG ALWAYS

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