Which guitar pickup should i buy from where & how much would it cost ?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by downinahole, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. downinahole

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    Hey there,
    Sorry I started a new thread when there are already three or four threads harping on the same subject. I needed my question to get sum attention and this was definitely the best way.
    I'm searching for a set of pickups and have narrowed down on the PAF DP213 for the neck and the Fred DP153 for the Bridge, both Dimarzios. I want a bluesy tone, more like Gary Moore in Parisienne Walkways.
    Where is SB Musicals??? How do their prices figure in comparison to getting pickups from the US thru sum1 who's makin a trip here? Do they import Floyd Rose Trem Systems???
    Does anyone know the difference between Mahogany and Ashwood (If there is a difference) for the body of a guitar? And for the fretboard, is maple better than rosewood or is it the other way roumd or is it just a matter of aesthetics (I presume maple is a white wood)
    Thanks a load. Will be awaiting your replies.
  2. ninad77

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    Hi - Info u needed

    Well SB Music is in Malad the owner is Ashish he regualrs gets Di marzio Picks ups from Aboard ... you can call me on [SNIP] ... He also offers the best prices for Electric Guitars ..

  3. ninad77

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    Sorry The above no [SNIP] is Ashish no not my no ...
  4. ronnieanand

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    @Down In A Hole. Body and Neck wood does contribute to the tone of the gutiar. No idea about the Ashwood but since they were used in early Fender days, I pressume it's a bright sounding wood maybe similar to Alder. Mahagony on the other side is a dark wood. Mahagony body guitars have to be EQed with a reasonable amount of treble, otherwise it can sound muddy at the lows.

    For the fretboard, normally rosewood or maple or ebony is used. Rosewood is a very dark sounding wood. Ebony is the brightest of these three but the best thing about ebony is it has very close grains and it can give the best finishing for the fretboard. If you want the smoothest fretboard, then ebony should be your choice. Maple lies inbetween Rosewood and Maple in it's tone. Normally Ebony fretboard is used in high end 24 3/4" Scale guitars. The 24 3/4" scale has some mud associated with it. High end Les Pauls have this 24 3/4" and also features a Mahagony Body and Neck. All these are a very dark sounding combination. So Ebony is used to add a good amount of brightness to the dark sounding guitar. This combination can result in a nice bull bodied tone. I haven't come across a guitar which has Alder Body and Ebony fretboard as both these bright woods and maybe if there's one and that too loaded with single coil pickups could keep the Teles out of business.
  5. downinahole

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    Kindly PM me the phone no. Or mebbe the address even. Apparently, ur not allowed to post phone nos on IGT for some reason.
    Thanks for the advice. My luthier says ebony's a difficult wood to source and although it is the best, it's difficult to keep an ebony fretboard from expanding/contracting, given the climatic conditions that prevail here, and that could spell disaster.
    No help yet on the pickup front. I wanted two humbuckers and I need a bluesy tone from my guitar. I'm not interested in lighting fast solos, I want something that's rich. Wht pups?? Are the Dimarzios i mentioned good enough or should I go for the Air Nortons???
    Thanks again.
  6. sridhar11_2

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    Well i dont have first hand experience with those pickups but Joe Satriani used the Paf Pro -neck and Fred- Bridge for the "Joe Satriani" album with Eric Clapton's rhythm guitarist on the song Down,Down,Down and it sounded pretty bluesy to me.
    Fred gives out great amount of harmonics even at high gain settings so that cant be bad right.Both the pickups are medium output pickups.

    Overall I think that choice of pickups are great for blues and it will also hold up if you wanna go heavy.
  7. death_metal_fan

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    I might be selling the old Ibanez pickups once I get my new Seymour Duncans installed into my Ibanez RG. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss a price.
  8. rocking_devil

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    @deathy fan - u in bby for how many days more?
  9. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    For a long time I think.

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