which Givson bass guitar shoul i buy????

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by sachinlakra, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. sachinlakra

    sachinlakra New Member

    Which Givson bass guitar should i buy????

    please suggest me which model of givson bass guitar should i purchase.or i should go with another company.Any one has givson bass guitar then let me know which model price etc..
  2. fena

    fena New Member

    don't buy givson unless you're helplessly desperate...save a few more bucks and go for gb&a or java instead..will cost you around 8k - 10k
  3. fena

    fena New Member

    if IN ANY CASE you are buyng a givson, buy the one that cost around 4k..think its called challenger or sumthing...
    i'm only sayng this bcoz its dirt cheap for a bass guitar.
    i don't hate the givsons but i just don't recommend them
  4. fena

    fena New Member

  5. varunmm4

    varunmm4 New Member

    i have a gb&a bass for sale if you're interested.
  6. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi

    you could've mentioned your budget anyway! we Indians are more concerned about budget. whatever we plan the first thing comes in our mind is "budget" :p

    If you are thinking of buying a bass guitar surely you should give more importance to the tone and taste! never go for givson and gba too!
    Check for these brands if available in your place

    Yamaha, Fender Squier, Ibanez, ESP LTD Series, Dean, Rogue Electric Bass, and anything left guys??
    from these series Pick which suits your budget.

  7. fena

    fena New Member

    you can get the Yamaha rbx170 for 11000 bucks, or the ibanez gsr200 costs around 13000 - 15000 bucks great entry-level basses.
    anyway, watever bass your buyng..get a decent amp..it will mean alot to your sound.
  8. bhishmyadav

    bhishmyadav New Member

    just dont buy givson !!!
    any other good brand !!

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