which electric guitar to purchase

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    When I browsed the website as a Guest,was totally impressed by the threads and the replies. You guys are fantastic and very helpful. So got registered and became a member.

    I am just a newbie. I really want to learn guitar but due to my job i can not have a teacher to teach me but i know that i can put around 1-2 hours daily on it. I just wanted kind guidance of all the members here. I had some lessons from a teacher but had to stop taking them due to irregular schedules I am yet to purchase a guitar, please let me know which guitar to purchase, i am thinking to buy an electric guitar. Also if I could get some book or manual that i can read and teach myself because i personally feel that anything can be learnt if one has will to do so.

    Please help. :help:

    If required please email me at [SNIP]

    Am eagerly looking for your replies. :cool:
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    check out guitar gear talk forum... loads of help there to buy gear.

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