which electric guitar to buy???

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  1. coolvarun004

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    hi frns

    I am plannin to buy an electric guitar.i m planin to get it from US as my bro lives der.he wud get d guitar fr me n der wud b no airport duties etc...so i want u to gve me suggstns keepin in mind dt dey wud b bought frm US n keepin in mind d prices der in US are appx 20-25%cheaper in US dan in india..

    I am pretty confused whcih guitar to buy.I dont have a very good knowledge about electric guitars n their models.

    I am an acoustic guitar player ryt nw.i hvnt played electric guitrs mch yet..i like more acoustic n indian kinda music...i like to play more of soft,sweet n romantic songs...nt much of d typical rock and jazzing which commonly is related to electric guitars...
    but i also want my guitars to be multipurpose as i also suits rock,metal n jazz too..which i may do wen i learn more of guitars...

    the guitar i need fr to play shud hv following features:
    1.it shud suit acoustic,sweet and soft kind of music.
    2.it shud hav a confrtable palyable fretboard which is soft n easy fr d fingers
    3.a good,stylish n a different look.
    4.also well suitable fr rock,metal and jazz kind of music.

    the price range i can affrd is bout 'Rs 7000 to rs 14-15000'(or 150 to 300 or 350$)(US DOllars)

    So please suggest me which guitar to buy.Pls help me,i wud b very thankful to u if u hlp me choose an appropriate guitar fr me..
  2. ebhendra

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    A good guitar is...

    Hi it seems you are ordering for a guitar in US..I prefer a Fender-Stratocaster with a humbuck pickup. you can check those here:
  3. EmThree

    EmThree New Member

    If you are not looking for quality, you can probably import an Acadamy brand guitar, but the included pick up is very crappy. They only cost $ 100 CDN, which is very cheap. If you want something pricey, get a Fender or Squire Stratocaster or even better, a Gibson Les Paul.

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