which elec guitar to buy??

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by harshitthefunky, May 29, 2009.

  1. harshitthefunky

    harshitthefunky New Member

    hey frnz.... can u plz help me out buyin my first elec guitar.. m really confusd amongst wich to buy.. which company should i go for???
    i have some companies in mind like esp, ibanez, fender, dean or BC rich or ny other gud company u may suggst....
    so guyz plz help me out in gttn a gud guitar.. i can loosen up my pocktz upto 10-12k..
    waitin for replies...
  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    This isn't from my experience, but rather from what I've heard more experienced people say...

    You won't really get a good, reliable guitar in that range...if you want a good guitar that'll last, it's generally accepted that the price range should be 20-25k...Lower priced models will be compromised in workmanship and quality.
  3. zak*wylde

    zak*wylde New Member

    see...the kind of guitar that you buy depends on the kind of music u listen to.
    but since ur planning to buy ur first elec. guitar wid a low budget u dont have many gud options..............i think u shud go for ibanez grg170 or maybe a greg bennette (i've heard people saying that its a decent guitar)
  4. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    Greg Bennetts are pretty good guitar in dere range, i have an avion Av3 (14.5k), i have played on greg bennett av1(9k) both are good.......... i also own a GB&A electric which was for around 8.5k ( i just needed a backup guitar while gigging and practising, just in case....)........but da Avion rocks....

    The B C Rich are a bit out of your budget....fender strats in da budget arent that good, greg bennett is way better than ibanez.....

    Greg Bennetts give your more sustain than Ibanez because of its Les Paul shaped body........

    PS:- guitars really don't matter in influencing the kind of music u want to play....its the processor and the amplifiers that do.......
  5. detritus

    detritus New Member

    Les Paul body gives more sustain? First time I'm hearing that.
  6. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    What Fender Strats in that budget?


    If only I knew this when I bought my processor and amp. I could have been a Bollywood session guitarist!

    a) If you're really serious about playing guitar then you'll want either a bigger budget or you'll have to accept that you'll be playing on something that will sooner or later limit your potential , i.e. it will need to be replaced by a better guitar.

    b) Do you have money for an amplifier? Or are you planning to play through your computer speakers?

    If this is just a little passing fancy then sure there are guitars in the range of 10-12k but they aren't BC, ESP or Dean unless you have someone in the US to bring it here for you.
  7. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    Fender 'Squier' Strats??????? If u havnt heard of dem not my fault....

    Yes Les Paul Shape gives you more sustain....its my own experience.......try it yourself if u do not believe me....

    And i thought u knew amps and processors color the tone more than the guitar........
  8. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    a) So please refer to them as Squiers. A Fender Strat is a Fender Strat, a Squier Strat is, well...

    b) I could be condescending or even rude, but then there's no point. Les Pauls have more sustain because they have a set neck. How did you conclude that a Les Paul shaped body gives more sustain than a Fender Stratocaster shaped body? Please read up.

    c) Oh I know that processors and amps colour the tone. What I didn't know was that it would influence the kind of music I wanted to play. Post-hypnotic suggestion perhaps?
  9. detritus

    detritus New Member

    In all the research I've done on guitar building sites, I've never heard of the Les Paul body being superior to others.

    Edit: Yeah thats the one, what hundrethone said. Les Pauls with bolt-ons will have the same sustain as any other with similar mass and density.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ... so this thread teaches me that I need to cough up INR 25K to play proper electric guitar or else I would get banished to noobland where we all doodle tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam kind of cliched tunes all day long.

    Come on. There are Yamaha Pacificas, and Ibanex RGxxx models which are pretty good and fall below the 20K hurdle.

    Shit_funkey dude, get this brand name thing out of your mind.
    Go to the shop, plug and play (or get someone who can). You listen and decide with your ears - what sounds better.

    Then you decide with your fingers and hands and wrist - which plays easier.

    That is the guitar that you want. Not some flashy \m/ looking BC Rich crap etc.
  11. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Well IMO he does need a bigger budget since he has made no mention of an amp which he will require at the very least. 10-12k is not good enough for guitar+amp, because an amp costs 2.5k at least.

    And yes there are Yamaha Pacificas. Which is why I said there are guitars but they're not BC Rich, Dean or Fender, which, from his initial posts seemed to be what he wanted.
  12. dragonball

    dragonball New Member

    lol@alpha1 for Shit_funky dudeness. I was gonna say that but you were faster..

    anyway, Funky_Shit dude, why dont you start with acoustic? Simply put, you will hate the sound that comes with an electric guitar of 10K. The best you can get in that range (even after excluding amp) is Pacifica & even that sounded bad to me.///
  13. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Lol, seconded.

    Bunch o questions, though (I'm interested in Pacificas as well.)
    Exactly how reliable and suitable for rock are the Pacificas and Ibanez RGs? And how long could they last a beginner on electric (with a decent processor)?

    I really need more info on the Pacificas though. Bajaao hasn't a listing on them, the official site says the models in production are 012, 112J, 112V, 1151MS...while I've seen a certain 120S, 604W, and 912 (among others) mentioned, but never officially seen. What's with the ambiguity? =O
  14. zak*wylde

    zak*wylde New Member

    Ibanez RG series are really good guitars .... they are reliable , fast, and have a good sound
    and they are suitable for rock (although if u r talkin abt heavy metal , u shud rather go 4
    an ESP wid cost >= 20K )

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