Where to get Zero and ThemClones music?

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by AkshayGenius, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. AkshayGenius

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    Hey guyz, i just wanted to know from where can I download/buy music of Zero and ThemClones?
    Zero has some songs listed for download, but they are very few and none of the links are working and are broken.
    Same goes for themclones, all the links are broken.
    I'm new to the Indian rock music scene and never knew Indian bands existed that were actually good. I'm pretty impressed of the few songs I've heard of Zero. I've heard ThemClones is also pretty good, but haven't heard them. So, I'd like to know where I can get the albums.
    Which other Indian bands are there which you think are good?
    Motherjane sounds great too!


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