Where is my ________?

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    These little things
    things that want to be small but relevent
    Confused in there mind seeking corners and creeps
    watching you back from that hinge getting mad
    Cause they knoww, how much they will be craved for when really needed

    you give them the best of you lips
    the places that are difficult even for you to reach
    but they slip on, they hide, they suffer
    knowing very well no-body else will undertand there value there place

    Foolish hearts, such consumate idiots
    broomed by the commeners, flipped by the kids, thrown by adults
    what bad has my-self done to you opening my soul to your touch
    why aint your reasoning adandoining those who squeeze your peatals thill they bleed
    and you complain bout my little rough play
    you leave me for not remembering "where i kept you last night"

    Anyways as always i will look for you below the pillows
    between the sheets and yes the corners of the couch
    Hey readers, have you seen her
    itt ws heart shaped
    just a small pice of plastic
    Where the hell is it
    Gott daam i need it to make the music
    Where is my plectrum !!!!
    Wheeeree i my pic!!!
    No dont need any other
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