Where do I get Cort Guitars in Bangalore.

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Arindam Dey, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    I want to try out these below Cort guitar and get one among them, can anyone please tell me where in Bangalore do I get these Cort guitars.

    1. Cort EVL K4
    2. Cort EVL X4
    3. Cort EVL K6
    4. Cort EVL X6

    I have checked with almost all the stores here in Bangalore but no luck :-(

    Also if anyone can suggest me any alternative guitars with the combination of EMG pick ups and Floyd Rose bridge, that would be very kind, my budget is 30k.
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Did you check at Soundglitz? and Also at Aruna musicals?
  3. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    Yes bro I checked with all of them, Sonido, Furtadoz, Aruna Musicals, Soundglitz.... None of them has these. Aruna Musicals only has the Cort X4 :-( Please help...
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Also check Reynolds pro shop... Though i doubt they'll have.. But you can ask them to order for you... They do that...
  5. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    Thank you so much rickkkyrich ... I called up another store called World of Music.. They said they can order it for me... While I was calling a couple of other stores they straight way said that "do not buy Cort Guitars as they are a failure in the market". I did not know what to say, if I want to get an ESP or IBANEZ it would cost me a lot for a good guitar....

    I was thinking if you could say something on this... And also if u can say something about this guitar : Schecter Omen Extreme-FR ..... Thanks again :)
  6. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Maybe they said so because they don't have them in stock... Cort guitars are just as good or better than other guitar in that price range...Schecters are good guitars too...
  7. hemant_spidey3

    hemant_spidey3 New Member

    I agree with Rickkkyrick; Cort are one of the best in the market. Go for it.
  8. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    I want to get a Cort Guitar (Cort EVL K6 or X6) but no one has it here in Bangalore ..... sad sad sad :-(
  9. shubhamAT

    shubhamAT New Member

    Try Celestial Music Store in Kammanhalli.
    No 3, Nehru Main Road (Close to Honest Bakery off: Kammanahalli Main Road) Ph: 080-4204 1373 Fax: 080-41733573

    They usually have X6 and CR series in stock. Otherwise they can get it for you.
  10. kendavid

    kendavid New Member

    Celestial Music currently has cort x6, x1

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