Where are the tabs based on numbers written on frets

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    Hi friends,
    i logged into indianguitartabs after long and i remember last time i had logged in all the tabs used to come in the form some thing like this

    ...song lyrics here...
    --it's fret numbers here... for eg

    sajde mein yun hi

    some thing like that. but now every where i see the tabs in form of the notes (i think they're called that)
    sajade me hi yun jhukata hoon
    A# F A# F D# F G C+

    tum pe hi aa ke rukata hoon
    A# F A# F D# F G A#

    can any one help me find out or learn the conversion of these notes to tabs based on numbers or where i can find it..

    Thanks in Advance
    Happy new year

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