When We Were Young

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  1. Zafar

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    When We Were Young

    When we were young
    We thought that time would lead the way
    Times have changed
    We feel his grip as we step on through to the next day

    When we were young
    We believed what we were told
    We closed our eyes
    And held his hands

    He said:
    I'm gonna take you as far as I want you to go
    I'm gonna make you as good as I want you to be
    I'm gonna tell you the things that I want you to know
    And I'm gonna show you the sights that I want you to see
    You best follow my lead
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  2. Bristy

    Bristy ...

    Nice one Zafar....
    It can be a very nice lyric...I guess...
    And you know wat.....
    people should make some nice tunes out of some
    poems posted here.....
    Anywayz ...keep writing.....
  3. somendra_guitar

    somendra_guitar New Member

    gud work dyoood
    keep it up!!
  4. Zafar

    Zafar New Member


    Thanks guys. I actually have a melody worked out for this one, but still working on the music.

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