when u lie like history

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  1. when u lie like history
    Tell me the story
    the roots of which I had nurtured my self

    attracting my unheard
    dozzy ur deep eyes
    ur lips speak the chores
    rehearsed to be spared
    ur face makes faces
    emotions be geared

    those eyes in shadow
    call me and whisper
    she’s lying but I tell u she loves ..thats all
    and I never think twice then
    of course not a wise man
    what loved me is still mine ..i stand or I fall…!!
  2. sidblake

    sidblake New Member

    every expression's intention is hidden. perhaps in deceit... nice thoughts.
  3. ..opps thats what i wanted to express that its not actually a deceit something between ....honesty......deceit
    "...all truth merely relative at best-likes to be thought a liar, since under that cloak
    he can tell diluted truth unblushing.."

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