When cricketers meet crooners .

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    MUMBAI: Dire Straits legend Mark Knopfler had a special star-struck visitor at his hotel shortly after he arrived here for his first tour of India - cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar.

    Tendulkar, who is a big fan of Knopfler's former band Dire Straits, presented the guitarist an autographed bat, and was in turn gifted a guitar signed by the talented musician late on Friday night.

    "I have been a fan of yours for the past 20 years," gushed Tendulkar, who posed for pictures in the company of Knopfler and members of his band.

    Knopfler will play two concerts in India - in Mumbai on Saturday and in Bangalore on Monday - as part of his world tour to promote his latest album "Shangri-La".

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    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    how many of you guys goin for the show , pls update us at IGT ....

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