Whats Guitar Shredding All About

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  1. electrickamie

    electrickamie New Member

    Hey Guyz I Want To Know Whats Guitar Shredding All About???????
  2. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    good question....:think:
  3. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    Guitar "Shredding" is playing as many notes as possible per second - cleanly and with articulation.

    that shud start u off....ultimate guitar has some lessons....serch it....
  4. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Mostly Athletics. But it sometimes, it borders being a good listen. (when done tastefully).
  5. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    listen to Yngwie malmsteen thats what shreding is .
  6. Evo Guy 911

    Evo Guy 911 Banned

    Ever saw a shredder? Go in the kitchen and see 4 urself!

    Now about guitar shredding. To really know what guitar shredding is, u have to work with me a little. What I want u to do, is take 3 picks, and glue them together at 120* angle with their tips towards outside, not the center. They should look like a 3-edge star. Now drill a hole in the middle of that star, and fix a metal rod in it. Now fix this metal rod's other end to the motor of that shredder u saw a little while ago. Now plug in ur guitar to an amp, and switch on the shredder at full power. The picks should be spinning pretty fast now. Press a fret on any string, and bring that string in contact with those spinning picks. THATS Guitar Shredding...........
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  7. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    LOLOLOLOL Realy nice one.
  8. Evo Guy 911

    Evo Guy 911 Banned

    ^^ Did u, or did u not, see tht gold star?????
  9. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

  10. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    Shredding is the guitar nerd equivalent of wanking. :dance:
  11. cronix

    cronix New Member

    :RollLol: What in the name of hell is this :RollLol:..... God where did u get this idea from LOL.
  12. s/ash

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