What Techniques Used in "Alvida (Life in a Metro)" Solos?

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  1. jithmeister

    jithmeister New Member

    I noticed there isn't much information about this on the internet. But, if you've heard the song, you notice the guitar solos are different. Though I'm not sure if its a guitar or computer generated, I think its awesome.. :-o

    It sounds kinda like string bends and hammer-ons but can someone give me clarification regarding the technique used??

    P.S: I'd also love a solo tab. Thx in advance :)
  2. fishtank

    fishtank Member

    it is played using a zitar.
    this type of sound is generally generated by a sitar
  3. JSatriani

    JSatriani New Member

    It is played with Zitar (Electric Sitar) by Indian Sitarist Niladri Kumar. Also Check out Door na jaa Zitar solos from Zannat.....!

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