what shape of plectrums is best for rhythym guitar

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what shape of plectrum is best for rhythym guitar to play leads & rhythym?

  1. traingle shaped with smooth curved corner

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  2. traingle shaped with sharp corner

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  3. heart shape

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  4. others(pls mention)

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  1. suman_uav

    suman_uav Member

    Guys i am just confused that what kind of plectrum(e.g.-hard, thin or medium) & what shape of plectrum is best to play leads and rhythyms in acoustic guitar?plzz help me.and share ur experience with me.plz.

  2. cool.abhi79

    cool.abhi79 New Member

    the best plectrum for lead and rhythm are of different types for me

    for rhythm on acoustic the best is thin plectrums .5 to .7 mm kind of percussive sound when u strum

    for lead i have tried a few kinds but the best is as suggested in a few videos the jazz picks small and a bit pointed for better attack. the jazz picks are pretty small so give better control but are a bit difficult to strum ( for me atleast and i am a beginner so may be with time the control will be better ). these are like 1.5 to 2 mm picks.

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