what,s ur favourite QUOTE

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by ENT, May 13, 2005.

  1. ENT

    ENT TuMhArAa_AKS

    my fav qoute is "i love u" :eek:: whats urs :dance:
  2. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    read my signaure :p: :p:

    its "Lead me....follow me....or get the fuc* out of my way"...i guess tht explains my attitude...
    :rockon: :rockon: :rock: :rock: :rule: :rule:
  3. shak

    shak Harrr!

    "no matter how good u are at something, there are about a million people better than you"... Homer simpson

    "a lot of people buy things that they dont want, with money that they havent earned, so as to impress the people they dont like" .. .surprisingly its by will smith
  4. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM

    umm.....i have many favorites
    but i like
    "Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up."..
    (Hans Christian Anderson)

  5. 6string_addict

    6string_addict * Addicted Guitarist * <img src="http://www.indian

    mine is : I wanna kick your a*s... :p: heee..heee.juzz kiddin... :dance:
  6. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    Yeah babe yeah

    i ll be back
  7. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    i was born educated , education ruined me !!!
  8. All desirable things in life are either....

    its by our friend cypher
  9. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    thts the bitter truth of life...
  10. somendra_guitar

    somendra_guitar New Member

    dear bob it wud be
    "i was born intelligent , education ruined me !!!"
  11. Taifi

    Taifi New Member

    yeah thatz what written on t-shirts i was born intelligent but education ruined me...
    my favourite quote would have to b my signature...'when u talk more sensibly then others they would call u a fool
  12. rechts_234

    rechts_234 New Member

    ahem !

    the frontier between the sense and the spirit is the devil's hunting ground

  13. rockin'away

    rockin'away Banned

    think of those who die to live...
    think of those who live to die...
  14. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    Maza aa raha hai.....
  15. Bristy

    Bristy ...

    Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail...................
  16. cool_is_rule

    cool_is_rule Lead Guitarist


    cOoL iS :rule:

  17. vinyl

    vinyl Watch this space

    "... idiots are not only people with low SAT scores. Everyone is an idiot. The only difference among us is that we're idiots about different things at different times."
    :Scott Adams::The Dilbert Principle


    "Ho Jaye!"
    :numerous sources
  18. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    "Live a thrilling life to die a thrilling death, take my word dude, dont die on the bed!!!"
  19. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    mine is an excerpt form a poerm
    'lives of great men,all remind us
    we can make our lives sublime
    and departing as we leave behind us
    footprints in sands of time'
    -H W longfellow(psalm of life)


    the tears people shed over graves,
    are for deeds undone and words unsaid
  20. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM

    "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible"

    When Harry Met Sally

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