What Pedal Effect In This Song

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  1. BKP

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    We are planning to play Inteha Ho Gayi - and I need to know what sort of pedal was used - during the fast song stage (i.e. when Jaya Prada enters)

    I think its either a wah-wah or pure distortion pedal.

    Please could anyone help me out!!

  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I believe thats should be a phaser pedal.

    Phaser is like a continuous cyclic wah-wah.

    I might be wrong, because i don't exactly remember the song.
  3. jithu007

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    hmmm ijust heard it on you tube..

    its not wah wah or anything.. its just pitch shift... which can also be nicely executed using tremolo arm !!! and softly faded out !! try it and post response !

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