What is Guitar Hammering???

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    hi thr. i was wondering if i could get to know wat hammering is.....my couzin told me this thing but i didnt understand so could any one of u plz tell me wat it is and how its done (with examples)? :eek: :mad:
  2. hey sohrab..i actually read ur post a while back and was abt to reply but couldnt get the appropriate words for and answer...since no ones replyin ill try to explain..
    first of all its not called HAMMERING..ITS CALLED HAMMER ONS..
    its difficult to explain this without a guitar....
    anyway what u do is pick a note once and then in the same stroke play one more note with ur any of ur other finger.....not moving the finger where u picked the note with....this technique is used widely in blues ,rock,metal....everythin...except maybe western classical...hope this didnt confuse u more...this is the best i could do in explainin without the guitar..
    peace and keep playin
  3. rabi_sultan

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    pluck a note with say the third fret pressed down with your index finger. Now you use your middle finger to 'hammer' or press down the fourth fret hard without plucking the string again.

    You do this hard because that way you can make the sound of the fourth fret come out as loud as the third fret sound and this is called hammer on. The reverse of this action, plucking the fourth fret and then lifting your finger off in such a way that the loudness of sound changes to the third fret thats called pulling off.

    In tab format hammer ons are : 0h3
    and pull offs are: 3p0
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  4. gautam_njoy

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    hey that was a gr8 advice.. even i had some confusions thnx to tis topic now i have learnt.. thnx a lot...
  5. Tabish

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    in the starting you pulling off from12 to 10 then sound on 10 fret is slow and when you pull on 9 fret how can it sounds....

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