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    what we all think of death metal .is it freakness or just a way to show off.........what do you think ..........................
    in my views .death metal makes you.fell more energetic..and helps you to live your life truly your way.............suggestions and comments are invited ............. :cen:
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    It is just a genre, a way of distinguishing songs which fall broadly into the same type due to the themes/styles/instruments used and may not neccessarily lead to similar responses from the same person.. death metal is more of a thematic genre in my opinion, dealing with a degrading society and indifference; like a complete contrast to themes such as love, happiness etc...

    Some very good bands belong to this genre such as Therion, Slayer, Morbid Angel, but I am not really into this genre. Also Amorphis, who have some really good songs.
  3. death_metal_fan

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    Death metal is a class of metal derived from 80s extreme thrash (Mercyful Fate, Venom etc. who later inspired black metal bands such as Bathory and Mayhem) taking it one step further in speed, technicality and brutality. It is generally believed to have been Florida-based bands that got the whole genre started. A little known band called Possessed in 1985 released a record known as 'Seven Churches'. The style of delivery of the music was completely new at the time. The record featured extremely fast and complicated riffs, endless time changes coupled with lightning fast drumming and screamed/growled vocals (often with strange/abstract lyrics).

    There is endless debate about who did the first death metal record because many argue that Chuck Schuldiner (who formed Death in 1983) was pumping out death metal in the local underground scene although he did not put out a Death record until 1987 (when he released Scream Bloody Gore). Possessed also formed the same year but put out a record 2 years before Death did and are therefore generally accepted as the first death metal band.

    As to the name of the genre itself, there's again division over who got the name because suprisingly both bands had songs by similar names. Possessed had a song called 'Death Metal' and Death had a song called 'Death By Metal'. So there's really no clear idea of who came up with it. Regardless, Possessed & Death are considered to be the founders of death metal. They were generally responsible for cultivating most of the death scene for the next 10 or so years.

    However in many recent years certain bands have seen the growling, down-tuned guitars and fast drumming as a way to cover up for the fact that they have absolutely no talent, neither in song writing nor in playing instruments (e.g. Cannibal Corpse) and death has been shunned as crap by many. There have also been instances of a lot of rock bands POSING as death bands simply by screaming or creating what I like to call a "wall-of-sound" effect (e.g. Slipknot) simply to hide the fact that they don't have one decent riff or solo to back them up. But there is hope because one band in particular is resurrecting death metal back to its former glory and that band is Nile. I highly recommend anyone into technical death metal definitely check them out.

    To conclude I'll give you a list of GOOD technical death bands:

    Morbid Angel

    Some progressive death bands:

  4. bob-bobby

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    death metal music
    Death metal is a form of music which arose from the heavy metal movement as it went underground. Using rejected sounds and noises that resemble industrial objects, death metal bands make sonic art from twisted distortion and guttural howls of distorted vocals. While it is not radio-friendly, death metal has won itself a worldwide audience from people who admire the independent spirit and pride in self over society that death metal embraces. Metalheads across the world have started underground death and black metal bands, zines, fansites, and radio shows, promoting the metal movement to new heights below the radar of mainstream perception.

    Death Metal Bands

    some time ago the number of death metal bands was small in comparison to what exists now. as a result, what we can do is to point you to listings of bands and tell you why these listings are important. you may notice there are few links below; few sites meet our standards for giving accurate information about the music of death or black metal, but many will give you reviews of packaging and production.
  5. bob-bobby

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    from deathmetal.com

    Many Death Metal enthusiasts from many different countries have spent alot of diligent hours preparing and maintaining various forms of Web pages on their favorite groups, and have done an excellent job, but what seems to be missing is some sort of formal organization of these sites.

    You can go to several dozen different sites, alot of which have a pretty good list of stuff, some of which is old and has moved, etc.... In other words, there is no "one stop shopping" when it comes to finding what you want. Also, it seems that in almost ALL cases, the sites are put together by a fan that has no official contact with the group that they are doing the site on.

    This site is an attempt to address and solve these issues. First of all, it is a top-level site, devoted entirely and exclusively to Death Metal. It isnt in a subdirectory of someone's personal web pages on ome university server somewhere where they really have no control of the whole picture. I own and run my own server hardware and pay for my own net connections (multiple T1's). I am totally DEVOTED to Death Metal, and its really the ONLY form of music that I listen to.

    With very few exceptions, ALL Death Metal fans are extremely devoted. I don't believe that I have ever seen a type of music that draws more seriously devoted people than this. Most fans, however. are not in a position like I am, to offer a service like this. I do so for all of us, so that we can share and fully get an awesome chance to see as many forms of Death Metal as possible, from both the viewpoint of the artists themselves and, of course, the fans.

    One of the unique things that I try to do as often as possible, is to offer access to "Official" sites, that is, sites designed entirely by the artists themselves. This is something that is serverly lacking presently in the "Web" Death Metal world, and I am trying to change this as effectively as possible.

    You certainly don't have to be a signed, or even famous group to have your music represented here. We want all types of Death Metal groups, from the biggest to the smallest, to contribute to this project. The more that you put into this, the more we all improve our chances to find more totally awesome music to listen to.
  6. Nanda

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    I dont agree that death metal has complex riffs........ Sepultura is a death metal band with majorly simple riffing and kiddish leads, or easy leads or no leads........
  7. ronnieanand

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    Sepultra had the so called kiddy solos before Andreas Kaiser joined the band. He is a nice guitarist.
  8. ronnieanand

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    Death Metal is some kind of music, which makes you feel that you are better off dead. :p: Just Kidding, so dont blast me.
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    I don't understand what is the difference b/w different music genres Like Rock/Pop Classical, Metal. Are they different because of Musical Instruments used in the songs???
  10. light_of_erindi

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    yup....it's mostly show off....oh see me...i'm different.....i'm freaky....:)....may be not explicitely but the undercurrent is always there....don't deny that....:)
  11. rechts_234

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    Danzig is a good one
  12. death_metal_fan

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    hahahhaha Danzig??? death metal??? hahhahaha :RollLol:...oh **** I can't stop laughing... :RollLol: :RollLol: :RollLol:


    @Nanda: Could you be more ignorant?

    P.S. Sepultura is NOT a death metal band.
  13. Mr. Scary

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    ^ Forgive them father, for they do not know how ignorant they are.
  14. rechts_234

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    Backstreet boys is a death_metal_band

    you can be born again now !

    maybe my handle is not i_know_all_death_metal_bands_so_well

    Danzig is death metal ...

    did u invent the death metal genre, sir...give us a break !
  15. rust_in_pain

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    nice articles bobby and dmf.
  16. ronnieanand

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    I want equality. If you put Danzig in Death Metal, please consider rating Michael Jackson, Britney Spears into Death metal. Ooops Britney sings Death Metal again.
  17. Mr. Scary

    Mr. Scary Bass-tard Child


    papa smurf
  18. rechts_234

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    listening to britney spears makes me wanna kill myself ... so you can call her music 'death' metal ... in a way

    isn't that what death metal supposed to be ? the more you listen to it, the more you want to kill yourself

    and danzig...they played death right ? when did they start playing the life stuff ?
    or it's alternative death metal ... :eek::
  19. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    In a way Danzig could be considered Death Metal by it's content. Is there a written rule that Death Metal singers should growl. If growling alone makes Death Metal, then I you could even call Pantera a death metal band. I felt it was more out of content. Danzig was originally a Punk artist. I mean the 70s punk, not the green day s.h.i.t.
  20. death_metal_fan

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    Dude you are ****ing crazy.

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