What is a violin and how doest work?

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    What is Violin?... How it Works?... What is the mechanism to play?... how Bow produces sound when it touch down to strings?... is it easier to play or learn?... is there any tabs for violin?... can we play chords on violin?... what is the price of violin in pakistan?... violin has frets?...

    I hope anyone here satisfy me with violin?... so plz

    plz do answer..

    Thanks alot
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    dont know how sound is produced .. but man its really difficult to learn as far as ive heard. coz it has no frets.. the violin player has to rely on sheer experiance to get the right note .
    i dont think there are any chords for violin..

    learn it dude.. its a lovely instrument !!
  3. ssslayer

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    bow is made of either composite synthetic hair kinda materials or actual hair (horse or sable camel ... i dunno) ...
    so when u rub this on the strings ... it makes the string vibrate ...

    the violin is constructed from a hollow wooden box (just like acoustic guitar) ... which resonates and amplifies the vibrations of the string(s) ... which is what we hear ...

    u can not play chords on violin coz at max u can play only 2 notes simultaneously ...
    violin has no frets ...

    and more important thing is that u can play really correct scales on the violin (a thing which u cannot do on guitar or piano) ...
  4. ronnieanand

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    Violins dont have Frets. Violin like most of the other String instruments is a Monophonic Instruments which means you can play only single notes. Where as guitar is a Polyphonic Instruments which means you could play several notes at the same time. That's what allow us to play chords.
    The violing bow is made of synthetic fibre. In ancient days it used to be hair from the horse's tail. The synthetic fibre is extremely smooth and with the violing strings they dont make an sound when used as it is. There is some kind of resin which called Rosin is applied to the bow before it's played. This makes the bow slightly rough and add more friction. This friction causes the strings vibrate and also the air below the strings vibrate. Through the sound hole in the body, the actual sound is produced. Learning violin initially is pretty tough. It can be more frustrating than learning guitar.
  5. #iR@


    violin does not have frets and it does not have chords as i have heard and MAN IT"S REALLYYYYYYY DIFFICULT as a friend of mine plays it! i tried it....... it's really HARD!!!!
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    Ronnieanand is right. The bow makes strings to vibrate properly only when rosin is applied.
  7. debankan

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    The most difficult part of playing a violin is no frets. You have to pake out a note by the sheer power of your hearing.

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