what goes into the making of a lead guitarist?

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    hi all
    thanks to all igtians and especially to bandbaaja,jozko,bjr, vini (cant thank you guys enough),i have finally been baptised in the world of guitar. did my first performance with a band as a rhythm guitarist in our college fest. would like to graduate to higher things like maybe a lead guitarist?any ideashow to go about it?
    happy strumming
  2. bjr

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    I can't imagine having helped anyone in the last year or so. Strength to you anyway.

    The most important thing is to not try and mark yourself a lead guitarist (or rythm guitarist for that matter). Start off playing simple solos. Listen to songs over and over again till you can mentally hear the solo as it should be played and then try playing it. Use tabs if you must but it's better if you can tab it out for yourself. Always practice with one or more people and if you can't get hold of anyone, play with the song playing in the background and match the solo note for note.

    Learn scales. If you're playing rock guitar, you should at least know the major and minor scales and the pentatonics.

    Practice arpeggios. Lots of them. In all shapes and sizes.

    Practice your rythm. The most important quality of a good musician is their sense of rythm. You might know just one scale but you could blow people away with what you know. It isn't important to know a lot. It's a lot more important to be able to use whatever little you know. As you keep playing, you'll be able to bring more intricacy into your music.

    For speed, I'd say play as fast as you want to but in the end, it isn't really the key to being a great guitarist. It is, however, important especially if you're doing cover songs on stage.

    Keep practicing lots and lots of chords. Learn newer chords, learn the theory behind the chords and why they're played where they're played. Try to analyze every song you play as to why the guitar solo was played the way it was and what changes you could make to it to make it sound better. Try to analyze the chord structure and what other scales you could use to play on the same chord progression that the song uses. In my opinions, covers are best when not played note for note.

    This should be a start. Good luck.
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    Also, to add to what I said in the morning...you're not really "graduating" to lead guitarist. You're just adding an extra dimension to your guitaring. It's best if you don't think of a lead guitarist as superior because honestly, they're not and it leads to unnescessary ego issues in a band.

    It's not an easy job playing rythm. I probably couldn't do it for a really professional band and certainly not for Hindi programme orchestras. Those people are at a different level and a good one at that.
  4. vini

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    thanks for taking my name among such great guitarists...im the odd one out..lol, on a more serious note, im myself a small time rhythm guitarist..didnt have much of a brush with leads..hope u get some good guidance here, which u do seem to be getting from bjr..all the best!
  5. ronnieanand

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    Lots of Beer and some practise with your guitar...
  6. born2tab

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    ^^^^too gud ronnie!!!u jus took words outta mouth
  7. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    spend more time with ur guitar than here u will get better...

    n +1 to bjr's post
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    thanks bjr, you havent helped me directly but whatever you have put on the forum has helped me a lot.also your recent advice is sound...shall be back when i have something that i have achieved. also what spygame says is right i need to spend more time with my guitarthan here, but then i come here only for encouragement and tips...see you all
    happy strumming
  9. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Another good idea to spend lots of time with the guitar is to just sit with it....even if you're not playing it.

    If Im watching TV or sitting on the computer, I tend to have my guitar on my lap. I do even as I type this post. It makes for a nice armrest too. Even if Im playing Age of Empires, I still have my guitar on my lap and in the time that it takes for some research to take place, I keep strumming or fretting it idly. Spending lots of time with the guitar helps even if you're not practicing seriously.
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    Sleeping with yer guitar?
  11. alpha1

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    Nah, but it hasn't made me till now.

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