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    Hi.. M a thorough newbie and have bought an ac. guitar. I have been following certain videos for beginners and practice a bit daily. like the picking, finger dexterity exercises, strumming..etc. but I have no idea where i am going coz m not able to follow any scales or chords..etc. So I need suggestions on what I must learn first.. any notes or what the actual basics are.. How do i initiate myself into proper learning? thanx in advance.. :)
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    If you are not able to initiate yourself properly, you need to get hold of someone who knows about guitar.

    One simple thing would be to:
    1. Either start by learning chords. Finger placements, strumming and singing along. Diversify and develop later.

    2. Or start with learning the scales and modes, and stuff, playing melodies. Diversify and develop later.
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    Go to a Trinity-syllabus institute (there're there all over India) and learn classical guitar. Best foundation ever, saves you from getting lost around, gets you thinking in notes and not in strings-frets like the 99% of guitar-buffoon population.
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