What exactly is a scale?

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  1. Liquid

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    ok i searched scale b4 posting this...but i didnt find anything specific...

    i talked to some ppl.....and they are like practice a C scale...it will make ur fingereing better

    ok so whats a C scale......what do u do...how do u play it...plz be specific ppl...

  2. scot_hacker

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    Scales, Chords and What not

    Hey Liquid.

    Well a scale is basically as sequence of notes played with definite intervals in between each. Actually you could (for now) think of an interval as what you get as the difference between the sounds you get by placing a finger on a fret, and the sound you get by using the next fret. This interval is called a "half-step". So if you play a note #1 and play another note #2 which is two "half steps" above a (two frets forward) you've covered a "whole step".

    The trick to playing a scale is (basically) playing (usually) the Major scale (defined below) to and fro.

    Major Scale
    I - whatever scale you want to play
    II - a wholestep ahead
    III - wholestep ahead
    IV - HALFstep ahead
    V - a wholestep ahead
    VI - a wholestep ahead
    VII - wholestep ahead
    VIII - HALFstep ahead (same starting note in the next octave)

    The roman numerals represent the notes that you'll play in order. So if you want to play the C major scale, first sound the C note, then move on to D (whole step), E (whole step), F (half) ...

    You get scale types other than "Major" by playing the major scale but starting it on a different note i.e. IInd or IIIrd or so on (according to which the types of scales are variously named.)

    Scale of C Major

    E ------------------------------------------------------
    B ---------------------0--1--1--0---------------------
    G --------------0--2---------------2--0---------------
    D ----0--2--3----------------------------3--2--0-----
    A --3-----------------------------------------------3--
    f --r-----m--r-----m-----i---i-----m-----r--m----r--

    f represents the finger to use for fretting (indicated below every note) r=ring m=middle i=index ...


    Check out sites like guitarnoise.com and cyberfret.com for more precise lessons...

  3. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    hey thanks man.....really appreciate it

    for now im just gonna practice the scale....i heard its good to do and it helps with the chords...so im gonna try to master it

    thanks again
  4. scot_hacker

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    You're welcome

    Hey thanks for saying thanks you're really welcome.
    Thanks even more for saying thanks and letting me post a welcome note and increasing my posts.

    Wahoo! :)

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