what do u think about love

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by smartsashank, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. smartsashank

    smartsashank New Member

    hi guys, i`ve red so many msgs and posts and threads of love and now i want to know that wat most of the people think about love, or what is love in ur opinion?

    do u believe that love just happen! or it is a attraction or something like that!

    and most important is that okk to spoil ur all life`s happiness to waiting for someone u like?
  2. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    LOVE- Wastage Of Precious Money and Time.......
  3. sanju_strings

    sanju_strings 50 Pai$e <3V/S<3 50 CeNt$

    love sucks u bcum senti and pick up guitar :p: not my case for sure

    but trust me being in luv is one of d best exp
    i wish it was sucessful often :)
  4. rizz420

    rizz420 WoRsT DrEaMs R MaDe Of Me

    LOVE is a GreaT weapon 2 lose sum1s virginity ...
  5. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    love killed cobain!
  6. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    oh shyt...for a second i thot its another dating thread!
  7. fictional_real

    fictional_real Pyaasi Jawani

    I dont think we need any forensic expert to conclude that only a stupid person can post such crap thread.

    Thank you.
  8. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    :RollLol: :RollLol:
    Forgot the "NEED GIRL?" THREAD?? :shock:
  9. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    title doesnt tell u much about spam :D

    Well love - Useless.
  10. smartsashank

    smartsashank New Member

    hi to all thanx for ur replys some goods and some even says that it is wastage of money:alien: but ek baat bataao kya love sirf ek attraction ko kehna thik hoga? i dont think soo...:NoTalk:

    love is every where u just cant live widout love

    cos u love ur mom ur dad ur family member ur freinds and also to ur pets.... isn`t that love plz tell me yaa yeh sab hi aapke liye wastage of time and wastage of money hain?:boxed:

    agar aapka best freind aapse kuch paise udhaar mange to kya aap usko mana kar doge? agar nahi to y?

    aisa kyon hota hai agar aapka favourate guitaar yaa koi bhi instrument tute to aapko kaafi dukh hota hai?

    aap apne apne god ki roz praise kyon karte hoo???

    in sab questions ka answer khud apne dil se socho or phir reply karo kya jawaab hai aapke paas in sab baaton kaa

    im waiting..........????
  11. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    uve asked too many questions man. Im stumped.

    If you already know the answers then why did u ask or make this thread in the 1st place? :p:
  12. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    ha ha ... go get a life dood ... than to think and conduct a survey on all this crap ...... No one is god here ... to know what is what .. right now i am feeling too damn sleepy to even type ...
    Makes sense to the discussion !!!! ha ha .......
  13. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Not bad dood u do make sense at times ...... good one ......:rock:
  14. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    :yawn: :yawn:
  15. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    u got keybrd ??? haribhau doesnt give re..i asked my frnd................
  16. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    :shock: :shock: ...............:think:
  17. Wake up nite

    Wake up nite New Member

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG!!! oYEeee u really need 2 get a life like seriously..did u like search 4 dis online or wat??....heheheheheheheh achi baat hai... achi lol
  18. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    he gave us some useful info...which no1 understood.
  19. rickkky_rich

    rickkky_rich Banned

    !!! ~love Stinks~ !!!
  20. fictional_real

    fictional_real Pyaasi Jawani

    hey abhi...

    we are trying to arrange one thru a friend. thanks a asking. :)

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