What constitutes a POETRY?

Discussion in 'Poetry and Lyrics Forum' started by echord, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. echord

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    I want to write a poetry too but im a bit too critical about its structure and selection of words. Since i find many poets over here, i need to know what do they take care of while writing a poem, and btw i wouldnt agree if someone says that they write whatever comes into their mind because when u start writing them u dont think about the words, but then u need to polish it, so im asking how to polish it?
  2. vini

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    ok..im not a good poetess as such but let me try>>

    too much polishing can lead to wear n tear..so to certain extent u shud let the poem remain raw!...now how do i go abt polishing...firstly i write down whatever is making noise in my head..not necessarily in the form of poem..then i incorporate some rhyming words, if required or synonyms of some words which would fit in better.

    and then u see..some r born poets and some gain expertise wid practice...but i dont press upon "polishing" my poems much..i let them remain in the form the way they come outta my mind.

    there r many other good poet/poetesses here, who can help u better!i said what i had to....

    happy writing!
  3. Morbid_Angel

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    I write only rap songz.
  4. walk_alone

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    hi Echord,

    One cant just decide to write a poem, it just comes in ur mind and u pen it down and then refine it to make it better.

    For me poem is a reflection of my mental status and my attitude.
    I mostly write poems based on love,life and reality.
    every poet has his/her own area of expertise and genre.

    iam not too gud a poet to tell you what all you can do to write poems....but maybe you can start off with reading few poems here and provide few crtical comments on them.
  5. #iR@


    i just rite watever comes to ma mind... i really don;t know how to polish my poems... i think i should go through this thread too :think:
  6. Garima

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    Well...i have written few poems....some of them rhymed some dint...& sometimes its better to leave them the way they r....cos as Vini said that if u try to modify them so that u can mk it rhyme it leads to wear n tear & the poem loses the charm...
    ppl mite find it gud but somewhere inside u kno that it was better before...

    one more thing...the more u read the more u learn...

    & dont strt writing poem thinking that u hv to...instead try to gv words to that 'somethng' that is goin on in ur mind....
    this is what i do...when somethng is troubling me ....to divert my concentration frm that towards somethng else i strt writing...

    or may b whatevr comes in ur mind...post on IGT...evn if its a line or two....we'll try to carry it forward...by adding our piece of poetry...

    ^^^^Hope whatevr i said made some sense :eek::

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