whammy bar&floyd rose query..h.e.l.p?

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    although i dont use/have/play an electric guitar....but for my knowledge/curiosity i u may say i wanna know what are these things..what purpose do they serve...plz include a pic if can :) and also whats a truss road?..r these things related???... except for their relation wid guitar! ;)

    ps-reps for a good explanation (and some points if u want)

    temme temme temme :help:

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    The whammy bar (vibrato bar) is the most powerful sound
    altering tool of the guitar. Simply said, there are
    sounds you can create "only" with a whammy bar.
    Not even the whammy pedal can reproduce the sounds and
    feel that are created by an inventive guitarist who may
    choose to use this powerful tool.From the grooving sounds
    of surf guitar (using minor chords) to gashtly hallows of
    Heavy Metal .
    Early inventions included the Bigsby which could be found
    on the Epiphone ES-295 which was introduced in 1952 by the
    legendary Scotty Moore who was Elvis Presleys guitarist.
    The Bigsby is a large spring operated system which is
    mounted on top of the guitar body. In the 70's, Floyd Rose
    introduced the "locking" whammy system, where the springs
    were mounted underneath, inside the body of the guitar.

    PS: this is not MY explanation...

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    well in simple terms ...
    tremolo systems are the metal bits which make up the bridge, but they differ from other generic bridges in a way that tremolos are not fixed, they hold the strings and the whole assmbly can be rocked forward or backward, this increases or decreases the tension in the strings, causing change in the notes pitch, thus gives that vibrato sound!! ..
    now i will only introduce two major types of tremolo units .. one of them is the fender style .. it can go only one way ..that is forward . (slackens the string) while floyd rose (name of the company which patended/designed this tremolo) can go forward and back ...so it can increase or decrease the tension in the strings .. here is a pic of floyd rose ..

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    thanx guys!
    still waitong for more input :) reps for both of u

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