Westlife Live in Bahrain & Dubai - April 2005

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by rizaaj, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    The Westlife boys are back in town! Nicky Byrne, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan and Shane Filan, are the biggest vocal band in the world right now. Having performed to over 3 million fans on four sell-out arena tours to become the biggest selling arena tour act ever, the boys will be back in.........

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    Gulf Daily News, Bahrain

    The Emirates Network, UAE
  2. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    good i hope the stage of this concert is where Al-Queida plants their next bomb and/or usa aims their next tomahawk cruise missile.

    boy band members should be hung upside down
  3. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    that makes me feel that you are not a boy?
  4. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    ahh, so boy band haters are exclusively girls are they?
  5. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    ummm .. no there can be gays... lolz :p:
  6. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    oh so guys who hate boy bands are undoubtedly gays are they?

    man, we sure have a lot of gays here on IGT !!
  7. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    ..i'm gay thn..:p:..
  8. aleric

    aleric New Member

    This is sacrilege......

    "the biggest vocal band in the world right now"..........I strongly object :p:
  9. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    join the club Subhro !!

    we have all been ordained "gay" ... unless ofcourse we manage to take a strong liking to "the greatest vocal band in the world" and their ilk ;)
  10. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Stop the bashing. Those who care and have something constructive to say, post. The others just ignore the thread, unless you want a warning that is.
  11. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    Its just taste I suppose...
    Learn to ignore is what tejas tried to say... (always done that, and trust me it works) :))

    Ahh.. for the concert, had passes for them... but missed the date... and now I see them torn lying in my bin !!

    Guess I'll be going for the Destiny's Child that would be comming here by the 17th of may (Dubai) Dont wanna miss that :-รพ~~

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