Western Chords for each Carnatic Raagas

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    The post: "Western Chords for each Carnatic Raagas" was delete by mistake.

    Here's the summary so far :

    Stauros: Does anyone know any particualr chords that can only fit into particular raagas, like the 4th Chord?

    Abhijitnath: Could you be more specific in your query?
    It's possible to construct chords for each raaaga according to what kind of sound you are aiming for. If you give me an example maybe I could help.

    Sandeepsharman: Yes it is possible to construct a chord for notes in raagas that are nothing but a note in our western system arpeggios, Sa Ga Pa u can play with C, some times u can use C#

    Note if root is in C major scale

    Maxnumar: In functional harmony you can often play minimally and imply the obvious chord structure with just one or two notes.

    But as soon as you get into non-functional harmony or extended chords/upper structures you have to use more notes, the minimum number of which Ive suggested in my previous post.

    PS: Apologies for deleting the original thread.
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    Yes, you can construct chords using the notes in the raga - and if you are okay with being unorthodox about chord construction, you could include 7ths and 9ths etc. which aren't necessarily in the raga for tension. It helps if you look at the melakartas are some 'mode' of the major scale - chord construction becomes much simpler.

    Check out Prasanna's column here He talks about using carnatic ragas in blues improvisation. His Nasika Blues is a classic example of the same.

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