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    Blabbermouth.net reports, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has confirmed the departure of guitarist Mike Smith from the group's ranks.

    Smith (ex-Snot) joined the band as the replacement for Wes Borland and appeared on Bizkit's most recent studio CD (last year's moderately successful "Results May Vary") before being ousted from the group in favor of a returning Borland. Bizkit, with Wes in tow, are currently writing material for their next studio CD, tentatively due in 2005.

    In a brand-new interview with the Limp Bizkit fan site The Armpit, Durst was asked if he still expects the next album to be released in February 2005 (as was previously announced). "I do not know when we will finish recording this album," he replied. "It will be released as soon as it is finished. The band is on another level at this point in time. A level, I believe, to be the most accomplished mentally we have ever been prepared for. Our style has been through life itself and the changes that everyone goes through, but the backbone of this unit is more solid than it has ever been. We are very content with Mike being gone. We are the type of people that stay true to our family and our instincts and at any moment will act on intuition as a whole. Mike wasn't the guy. We had fun playing with him, but always knew, in the back of our minds, that he wasn't where we needed him to be mentally. On that note you can assume that the shit we are writing now is fucking powerful and very emotionally laced with reality. Those who dare to go to the next level are in for a treat. Those that don't, we never thought they would anyway."

    With regards to whether there are still plans for Limp Bizkit to tour this summer, as has previously been announced, Durst said, "We will be touring as soon as the album is finished. So very soon. And it will be the one you don't want to miss
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    And heres a picture of Wes back with LB

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    thats why you should not trust Blabbermouth.. LB played a club last week and guess what Smith was there.. He he.. Anyways Wes borland is Hooked up with some British Grunge vocalist and his record will be out in December.. and he is out of the LB shadows and as news reposts from a show, He play a 7 minute solo in a song and its blinding.. We have seen him play the Sanitarium solo and i was impressed..
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    No. Check out their site - www.limpbizkit.com - You'll find that the picture i posted above has come straight from there. I don't what solo you are talking about but i can tell you this much. Wes is most definitely back.
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    Check the date on the picture.. He he.. THat picture is there from a looooong time..
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    What are u saying? The date is August 13th 2004.
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    August 13 2003..
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    Three years after he left the band, guitarist Wes Borland is back with Limp Bizkit and working on the group's next album.

    Beginning Monday morning (August 16), visitors to the homepage of Limp Bizkit's official site were immediately confronted by a photo collage showing Borland in a studio with his former bandmates. Under the images, the caption reads: "August Thirteenth Two Thousand and Four." Meanwhile, on Fred Durst's blog the frontman himself authenticates what had been rumored for the past month in a post dated Saturday that read, "Well, now the Limp Bizkit fans know about Wes. Pretty dope."

    Limp Bizkit's label, Interscope Records, however, has yet to make an announcement about the lineup change.

    Borland's return pushes his former replacement, Mike Smith, out of the lineup, a move about which Durst has no regrets. "We are very content with Mike being gone," Durst told the Limp Bizkit fan site, www.thearmpit.net, in an interview posted Sunday. "We are the type of people that stay true to our family and our instincts and at any moment will act on intuition as a whole. Mike wasn't the guy. We had fun playing with him, but always knew, in the back of our minds, that he wasn't where we needed him to be mentally. On that note, you can assume that the sh-- we are writing now is f---ing powerful and very emotionally laced with reality..."

    When Smith joined Limp Bizkit in April 2003, Durst deemed their chemistry "dope." So dope, in fact, that he shelved the songs written since Borland's departure, some of which featured the guitar work of Ministry's Al Jourgensen, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo and Korn's Head, and began anew

    Borland had left the band in October 2001, burdened by the fear that he was selling out

    As far as progress on Bizkit's follow-up to last year's Results May Vary, the band will not drop its fifth album in February, as Durst had previously announced. Rather, there's no telling when the songs, which he said had been written over the last couple of months, will see the light of day.

    "Completion isn't on the radar," Durst said in the interview. "We do not work that way. We are being driven at mach speed by our passion and any people or persons who cannot comprehend that will be left in the cold."

    It also doesn't look like the band will be touring this year, as Durst had claimed three months ago Instead, according to the interview, Limp Bizkit's tour plans have taken a backseat to the album's completion.

    Limp Bizkit's greatest-hits album, which includes three new songs and was originally slated for release this year , is now expected to be released in 2005.
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    Cool Tejas you are faster..
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    But its still august 13th 2004
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    Yhea. .Sorry.. But thats a collage.. Did you know??

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