Well we Wine2Blood need a drummer!

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  1. TuN

    TuN New Member

    Yoo guys.. I m AttA the Bassist of the band Wine2Blood
    its like we need permenent drummer for our band. For deep intro
    We got our album ready and got sponsership from IC.Records and Pepsi
    casue I m also working with the new Vitalsings as a bassist. {VitalSign the name is transfered from Junaid to Saad Jehangir}
    Well if any of u is a drummer and thinks hes good .. he can play a test jamm with us
    please contact us at : 0300 5543307
    mail us at : nukeguy@gmail.com
  2. hasham

    hasham New Member

    atta dog wat the hell man u got a sponsor from PEPSI and are the bassist for vital songs! if you actaully accpomlished that , thats awesome but to me its sounds like your bull****tong or some thing like pepsi is a friking huge brand tehy dont sponser little bands they sponser big ones liek Jal and stuff and vital signs well...... how long have u been playin the bass for? n e hoo good luck wid your band man ....... JEENI :) i hope everthing goes good.

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